Thursday, June 25, 2009

Selling Your Art, Tips For Doing That !

Part 2

Be Service Oriented:

If you really want to make a sale, then your attitude should show that you do so. Try to make time for transactions and meetings regarding your art. Also, try to make yourself available as much as possible to deliver your piece to the collector's home or office. You should also help them with hanging it, or even make suggestions on where to place it, if they ask you to.

If your buyer hasn't made a specific pick of which piece they want from your collection, you can also offer them that you will bring a number of your art to their home or office, free of charge. Do this, so that they can see how it would fit in their environment. However, you should also make it clear to them that they are not obliged to buy it if they don't want to.

Give Them A Taste Test:

If you want, you can also offer people to have a piece or two of your works for a trial period of one or two weeks, just to see how they would like the pieces. However, with this kind of deal, you should make sure that you have a written contract about your agreement, get a promissory note, deposit or whatever kind of security for your art's safety.

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