Thursday, June 4, 2009

Butterflies, How To Invite Them Into Your Garden?

BUTTERFLIES, they are so beautiful, with such a great number of kinds and colors. They are beautiful to watch. So how do you get them to come to your garden. Just like with birds-you provide them with what they need and they will come in the bunches.

What do they need: sunlight, shelter in bad weather, water, food plants, Nectar plants.

Sunlight: Locate your butterfly garden in a sunny area. Butterflies are cold-blooded insects, so they need
plenty of sunlight to warm your wing muscles enough to allow them to fly.

Shelter: They need shelter from wind and rain.

Water: Butterflies cannot drink from open water, so wet sand, earth, or mud are the best water sources. Sink a pail into the ground, fill it with mud, and place a few sticks on top for the butterflies to perch on.

Food plants: These are the plants that butterfly larvae eat: blood flower, elm, fennel, milkweed, passion-flower, senna, and wild cherry.

Nectar plants: Adult butterflies feed on nectar from plants. They find nectar flowers by their colors, they are attracted to colors like yellow, orange, red, and purple. These kinds of plants are good for this: azaleas, butterfly bushes, Mexican sunflowers, New England asters, verbena, and yellow cosmos. Some butterflies species will accept rotting fruit, stale beer, and sugar or honey water.

Butterflies need to perch on the flower to feed. It's easier for them to probe simple flowers, so it's best to avoid double flowers.

The season for butterflies is from spring into fall in most parts of the country, Plant different kinds of flowers that bloom at different times of the butterfly season.

Who does not enjoy the sight of butterflies about the yard and garden? Now you know what they need to visit your yard on a regular basic.

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