Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tips To Replace A Faucet !

Faucet replacement is a very easy task that anyone can
do. It is one of those household repairs that don’t
really need any professional assistance. Here are the
basics that you should know about faucet replacement.

Being Prepared And Choosing Your Faucet

Before you go off with the replacement proper
procedures, you should be ready and have with you the
faucet unit that you want to use to replace your old
one. You can drop by your local hardware store and
pick out a faucet that you want. Having it on hand
before removing the old one would make things easier
and faster for you.

With the numerous modern designs now at the market,
you have a variety of faucet designs that you can
choose from. For your bathtubs and sinks, you can get
single or double handled faucet. Generally, faucets
have a standard size regarding their hook-ups,
depending on their use. For kitchen faucets, you can
usually find units with an 8 inch hookup. Bathroom
vanity faucets usually come in 4 inches, while
bathtubs come in 8 inches.

Faucet Measurements

In able to know which kind of faucet to get from the
store, first you have to do some measurements. Have
your tape measure in hand for this task. If you will
be using a double handled faucet, what you need to do
is take the measurement from the handles’ center to
center, thus, this is your faucet’s size. If you will
be using a single-handled faucet, you would have to
measure starting from the the distance in between your
water hook-up lines placed on your faucet’s bottom.

As soon as you know the style and size of your faucet,
then you’re already to take out the old one and
install your new unit.

Tools That You Need

Basically, you do not need a lot of tools for this
task. All you need to have are wrenches so that you
can hold the shut-off valve and take out the supply
line that is going to your faucet. Also, you would
need to have channel lock pliers or a basin wrench.
You’ll be using this take out the large nuts, which
attaches the faucet to your sink. It would be better
if you use a basin wrench, due to its special design
that is intended for working in tight spaces, just
like where your faucet is mounted to your sink.

Steps To A New Faucet

First, you should turn off all water supply that is
linked to your faucet. Then, you should remove the
supply lines coming from both sides of your faucet.
After that you should remove the large retainer nuts
that are holding your faucet to the sink. When you are
done with this, remove the old faucet from the sink.
Try to clean up your sink and where the old unit was

Once you are done cleaning up, get your new unit and
place it in the holes. You can ask someone to help you
with this, so that keeping it centered while
installing the retainer nuts below would be easier.
When you get the faucet in place and retaining nuts
tightly screwed, then you can now get your water
supply lines hooked up again. Turn on your water
supply and do some tests for leaks and other defects.

If you have some leaks, try reinstalling it again and
make sure that you tightly place each part where they
should be. Also, if you want you can use plumbers
putty or thread tape to prevent leaks or dripping on
the joints, specifically in between the faucet and
sink, or the supply line and the faucet.

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Things That You Can Fix Yourself - Garbage Disposal Problems!

Fixing disposal problems is actually a simple job, if
you’re equipped with the right knowledge. Nonetheless,
a lot of people are still scared on dealing with
garbage disposal problems, which usually lead to
freaking out and calling a professional to get some
help. To save you from this dilemma, here are some do
it yourself solutions for you garbage disposal

Noise Problems

One common problem encountered with garbage disposals
is that they may produce too much noise when used. You
might hear some rattling or grinding sounds, every
time you turn it on. If noises like these are present,
it is probably caused by an object, possibly a metal
which was unintentionally dropped down your disposal.

Having this kind of problem unattended can cause
damage to your disposal blades. To fix it, turn off
the electrical power for that area of your house.
Then, get a flashlight and a needle nosed pliers.
Using these, look for an item which causes the noise.

Once you find the item that simply doesn’t belong
inside your disposal, and then pull it by using your
pliers. After this, the noise should be gone and your
disposal will do just fine.

When Nothing Happens Another commonly experienced
problem is when nothing happens when you turn on the
disposal. Generally, if this is the case and you can’t
hear even a single hum, it means that power isn’t
getting into the disposal unit.

It could be that you have to reset your unit or your
circuit breaker is tripped. First, you should look
beneath your sink and take a look at your unit. You
should find a small red button placed somewhere on the
bottom side. Press the button and hold it for a number
of seconds.

After pressing, try to use your unit again. It should
start normally, as if it is brand new. If it doesn't
start, then you have to do another trick. Find your
electrical panel and see if you have a tripped circuit
breaker. Try to reset the breaker that is in charge
for that area. After resetting, go back to your
drainage unit and do the first step all over again.
This should fix the problem.

If nothing still happens, then it’s about time that
you call a professional, because it can be a sign of a
bigger overall problem.

Humming But Nothing

This is the last real possible problem that you can
encounter with your disposal. Sometimes if you place
wrong kinds of food in your unit, it gets jammed up.
This can also happen if you put too much food down
your disposal without running it.

To fix this, turn off your unit’s the power and use
pliers to reach into your unit and pull out whatever
it is that is obstructing the blades and keeps it from
spinning. After you have pulled the clog out, get an
Allen wrench and use it to spin the blades manually.

If the blades are now turning, then you are done with
the problem. If it’s still not spinning, this means
that there are still more that you should remove. Be
sure that you remove everything out, so that you won’t
encounter the same problem again in the near future.

Once you got the blades spinning manually, try to turn
on the power, reset your unit and see if it’s working.
If it’s still humming, then check for more clogs. If
you’re sure that there are no more obstructions and
the problem is still there, then you’ve got the green
light to call a professional.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Say Hello To Our Friends That Have Joined our blog!

We would like to welcome the two additions to our

The Wig Mall

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We are glad to have our friends with us on the blog. We hope that
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Thursday, March 4, 2010

How Can You Go Wrong With White When Decorating ?

When you are decorating your bedroom you should go
white. White can give you many different looks you are
trying to achieve like the eclectic bedroom,
minimalist, modern, and more. In addition, for a very
low cost, you can have an amazing look in your

If you are looking for an eclectic look in your
bedroom then you can use the white to accent and
create an airy expanse with touches of earth tones
throughout the room.

Keep the walls white and maybe use a white comforter
with earth toned bed skirts, pillows, floors, rug, and

The minimalist bedroom is easy to create and looks
fantastic in a room with dark wood flooring. Go for
the solid white walls, white bedding, and a white rug.
Use paintings with dark frames and white edges to
bring out the look.

The white will bring out the dark tones of the
flooring and the dark furniture and look absolutely
fabulous. In addition, the bedroom will remain light
and bright which is very nice.

Small bedrooms look very good with a modern look when
you take advantage of the use of white. You can create
a small focus point on the wall with a painting or a
picture, white bedding, and a colorful rug.

You want to warm up the room with browns and greens in
the furniture or the fabrics you use for the modern
look. This will make the room look much bigger and you
will be pleased with the outcome.

White in the bedroom can give you many different looks
you are hoping for. You don’t need to worry about
using many patterns and colors to have an elegant
looking bedroom because white really works for all

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Decorating Your Home - Add Style By Bringing The Outside, Inside With Plants!

If you feel like your room is missing something and
you want to add a little extra then you should think
about adding fresh flowers and plants. You will be
amazed at the difference a tree, plants and flowers
can do for your room.

You might not be a big flower lover but if you are,
then you might want to look at decorating your room
with fresh plants that bloom flowers.

There are hundreds of different indoor flowers you can
choose from that will brighten up your room and look
absolutely fantastic. You don’t have to decorate with

You can find indoor trees and tall standing plants
that will make a big difference in your home also.
Vines and hanging plants are an excellent way to
spruce up a room too.

( trees, vines and flowers)

When you decorate with flowers, plants, and trees it
also changes the mood of the room. Plants are known to
provide a calming effect on you and make you feel

Added health benefits!

In addition, you are adding additional oxygen into
your home and removing toxins when you add plants
throughout your home. So, not only are you decorating
your home by making the rooms beautiful with nature
but you are taking advantage of the natural benefits
plants have to offer.

When you decorate your home or you are just looking
for accessories for something additional you cannot
forget to use plants, flowers, and trees. Your rooms
will look amazing with the difference you can make by
adding nature to your home.

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

Adding Style To The Bedroom With Lighting!

Lighting in the bedroom is extremely important when
you are decorating. Many people often forget about the
lighting and it really makes a big difference when you
are decorating your bedroom.

The first thing you must think about when you are
designing the lighting in your bedroom is layering.
You must layer the lighting.

When you layer the lighting in the bedroom it gives
you the opportunity to create the different moods you
are hoping for. You should always have lamps on
bedside tables and another light across the room
diagonal from the bed.

( bedside table lights, overhead light other light sources)

This allows the lighting to be balanced in the room.
You also might consider light sources on a dimmer
switch that allow you to select the balance of light
that is emitted into the room.

(many styles to choose from)

One thing you do not want to do in your bedroom is
have a ceiling fan with a light on it. If you must
have a ceiling fan in the room then it is fine.

You should not have a light drooping from a ceiling
fan because it looks tacky. Your bedroom needs to have
the sexy look and a light from a ceiling fan will ruin
the look.

It is also a good idea to use different bulbs for the
lighting in the room to give a different look. Using
recessed bulbs with floor and table lamps can give the
look of washing the room with a soft light.

However, you also are layering the room with different
lighting and it gives the look of pure elegance that
you need to accomplish a nicely decorated bedroom.

The light fixtures are just as important as the light
itself. They can add to the beauty of the room or take
away from it.

( wall sconces come in all different styles- modern, stain glass and
more of a retro look. They add to the room without taking up
table space.)

Recessed lighting can add a different look to the room.

Give your room elegance, beauty and balance with lighting.

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Creating The Boutique Style In Your Home - What A Lovely Look!

If you love the style of a boutique or a lavish hotel
room and you want to create the same look in your
home, it is easy to do. Several things to keep in mind
are plumping up the bed, sophistication, lighting, and

The bed is the most important thing when you want to
go for the comfort and the exquisite look. You need to
remember that you need to go for the 400-thread count
or higher sheets for the bed.

Use extra pillows that are fluffy and add an extra
padding to the bed for extra comfort. The colors you
use in your room for the elegant look need to remain

Simplicity is key and it is sophisticated. You don’t
need to worry about fancy designs because plain
actually looks much nicer than designs.

The windows should remain simple also. You don’t need
to have a valance across the window if you don’t want
to and one is not needed to achieve the look you are
trying to accomplish.

Be sure to have a sheer curtain which allows the light
to come in and a heavier curtain that matches the
bedding and the style you have chosen for the room.

These curtains should be able to pull back to allow
the light in when you want it and to keep the light
out when you prefer the dark.

If you love the elegance of a hotel suite and you want
to bring it home then you can. Remember to be simple
with the colors and go plush and fluffy. It is not
expensive to be simple and you can achieve the look
you desire for very little money.

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"