Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How Can You Draw Birds Into Your Garden?

If you like watching hummingbirds like we do. This is a good way to keep them coming around. Plant trees and shrubs that have red or orange berries and flowers. If you want to add a hummingbird feeder and you want to attract the hummingbird to the feeder. Hang long strands of orange polyester yarn on trees and shrubs near your hummingbird feeder. It takes a lot of food to keep one of these little guys going . It is important that if you put out a feeder make sure that you keep it full. They get use to the places that have feeders and if you are not good at keeping them full all the time. It is a waist of there energy and time to come to your feeder. If you are going to start keep going for their sake. It is a commitment to these birds.

Now for the other kind of birds. If you are going to put feeders out for them the best time to start is early October, when birds are looking for a good food supply for winter. If you start this feeder know up front that it could mean death to the birds that come to depend on the feeder for food if you do not keep food in the feeder every day. These birds like to visit a feeder that has the protection of bushes, shrubs, and trees around it. Try to keep feeders in the sun and out of the wind as much as possible. Most of the time they will come first thing in the morning to feed that is the best time to watch them .

These are some of the more common birds and what they like to eat:
* American goldfinch - millet, sunflower,thistle
* Blue jay - peanut, sunflower
* Cardinal - millet, peanut, sunflower
* Chickadee - peanut hearts, suet, sunflower, thistle, wild bird food mix
* Cowbird - millet, proso
* Evening grosbeak - sunflower
* Finch - millet, suet, sunflower, thistle
* Grackle - cracked corn, sunflower
* House finch - millet, peanut hearts, suet, sunflower, thistle
* House sparrow - cracked corn, millet, sunflower
* Junco - cracked corn, hulled oats, millet, peanuts, suet, thistle
* Morning dove - cracked corn, millet, peanut hearts, sunflower
* Purple finch - millet, sunflower, thistle, wild bird food mix
* Red-bellies woodpecker - cracked corn, suet, sunflower
* Song sparrow - millet, suet, sunflower, thistle
* Towhee - millet
* Tufted titmouse - peanut hearts, suet, sunflower, thistle
* White-breasted nuthatch - suet, sunflower
* White-crowned sparrow - cracked corn, millet, peanut hearts, sunflower, wild bird food mix
* White-throated sparrow - cracked corn, millet, peanut hearts, sunflower, wild bird food mix

We hope that you enjoy the birds that come into your garden. Enjoy the bird watching. We would like to hear your comments.

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