Monday, December 21, 2009

Architecture - Baroque Style Of Architecture !

A very early style of architecture, but a very beautiful
style is Baroque architecture, which began in the early
17th century in Italy.

Taking the renaissance architecture and modifying it to a
new theatrical, sculptural fashion, Baroque architecture
became a very fanciful, extravagant style of structural

While the Renaissance style was designed for the well to do
of society, the Baroque architecture initially played into
the wealth and power of the Roman Catholic Church.

The concerns were for light, shade and color intensity and
Baroque found its secular expression in grand palaces first
in France, then throughout Europe.

If you were to visit France today, the Chateau de Maisons
would be one of the highlights of Baroque architecture.

One of the most famous though of the Baroque architecture
pieces is St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. It is the most
prominent building inside Vatican City. Topped with its
towering dome, it is a notable feature in the Roman

Baroque structures are grand in size and ornaments. As
baroque moved through Europe, it eventually took on the
look of European Colonialism.

Greenwich hospital in London, England is another beautiful
example of Baroque architecture. Founded in 1694 as the
Royal Naval Hospital for sailors, the Greenwich hospital is
famous for its Baroque Painted Hall, which was painted in
honor of King William and Queen Mary.

The chapel is an awesome example of not only Baroque
architecture, but of baroque art with its high gold painted

What attention to details and beauty these places have.

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Architecture - Art Deco!

Between 1920 and 1939, Art Deco Architecture was all the
rage. Not only did the Art Deco movement affect
Architecture, but also interior design, industrial design
and visual arts like fashion, painting, graphic arts and

The movement was a mixture of many different styles,
incorporating cubism, modernism, Bauhaus, Art Nouveau, and
Futurism, and its popularity peaked in the roaring

While many earlier architectural styles had political or
philosophical roots, Art Deco Architecture was simply

Designed to be beautiful, elegant, functional and modern.
One of the best-known pieces of Art Deco architecture in
the U.S. is the Chrysler Building in New York.

The beautiful Art Deco spire was built between 1928 and
1930. Following close behind the Art Deco period was the
Streamline Moderne. The focus was mainly on advancing
technologies such as automobiles and aviation.

Art Deco architecture is mainly composed of man-made
materials. The most popular being glass and stainless
steel. Lines were very symmetrical and repetitive
throughout structures.

They used Terra Cotta to decorate with.

And details like this to add beauty to the home.

Very popular during the great depression because of its
simplicity and practicality, Art Deco still reminded people
of the better times and gave them hope of one day reliving

World War II cut short the life of Art Deco. People began
to see it as gaudy and a false image of luxury, but Art
Deco presented the gateway to modernism, which continues
well into the 1960s.

Today we see a revival of the old, people caring enough to
reconstruct or refurbish the beautiful designs of Art Deco
architecture or even begin modernizing it and mixing it
with styles of today. But as you travel the country, in
many big cities you can still find the grand structures of
Art Deco still standing.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

What Is Architecture?

Architecture is the science and art of designing buildings
and other structures. It can also be expanded to the
designing of surrounding environments, towns and

Someone who specializes in architecture is called an
architect. Architecture has played a key part of our entire
worlds history. For wherever there have been buildings or
structures that were safe for inhabiting, there has been
some sort of architecture.

Architecture combines functionality with aesthetics to
create the buildings we live in, work in and play in. From
the smallest 1 bedroom home to the grandest palace or
biggest cathedral, every structure is based on some form of

( Big cathedral and the single family home shown bellow.)

Architectural designs change with time and space. Each era
has its own style of architecture, from Baroque,
Greco-Roman, Art Deco, Victorian to American Colonial,
Prairie, and Bauhaus. Lines, materials, structure and
symbolism all contribute to the different styles of

Architecture styles can be anywhere from subtle to garish
and materials vary from lumber to limestone. Most early
styles of architecture though utilize local materials that
were bountiful.

In Greece for example, where limestone was plentiful, most
structures were created from this natural material. And
since marble was not only rare but for a few select
islands, but very difficult to transport, it was used
sparingly and usually only for ornamentation.

In Colonial America, Saltbox houses were created from
timber since it was so readily available and most
properties had abundance so it cost next to nothing. And to
save more money, these Saltbox houses were also put
together with joints because the cost of nails was an
unnecessary expense.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

American Colonial Archetecture!

A trip through the U.S. will grant you sights of beautiful
architecture, from coast to coast. During the 1780’s though
the most popular style of architecture was the American

Built mostly by wealthy Anglo Americans, the houses
afforded several distinct styles depending on local. Also
known as Colonial Georgian, these homes were the earliest
style to grace the U.S. colonies.

A prime example of early American Colonial architecture is
called a Saltbox. What the Saltbox basically is is a wooden
frame house with a high-pitched roof that slopes down to
the back.

Its flat front has two stories while the back of the house
has only one, making the sides unequal, but distinctly
looking just like an old salt box which was a wooden box
with a lid which salt was kept.

A simple name for a simple style of home. Generally, the
chimney was centrally located, making the house, from a
distance, look like a box with a lid and handle to lift it

Other defining characteristics of American Colonial
architecture are the square, symmetrical shape, the front
door placed directly in the middle of the houses front and
the even, straight line of windows throughout.

Inside the front door are usually an entryway and a
staircase. All rooms branch off these. Typically they were
constructed of brick with wood trim, but with homes like
the Saltbox, they were also timber frame homes constructed
with woodworking joints instead of metal nails, since they
were costly. Saltbox homes were also finished with wood

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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Different Architecture - Adobe buildings!

Some of the earliest structures were Adobe architecture.
Adobe is a material made from sand, clay and straw, dung or
other fibrous materials.

The adobe is then formed into bricks using frames and dried
in the sun. Similar to cob or mud bricks, the structures
become extremely durable. They are used mainly in hot, arid
climates because they remain cool in the summer and release
heat very slowly in the winter.

The same mixture, without the straw is used for mortar in
placing the dried adobe bricks together to form a
structure. Some cultures even figured out they could
utilize lime-based cement for plaster to protect against
the wet months.

The thickness of the adobe bricks is key in the
architecture. It is what essentially keeps the structures
cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The largest structure ever erected from Adobe was the Bam
Citadel. But it suffered serious damage from an earthquake
in 2003.

Bam Citadel, Iran

The Huaca del Sol in Peru is another grand adobe structure
that was created from over 100 million signed bricks.

The world’s largest adobe architecture structure is the
citadel of Arg-e Bam, erected as late as 500BCE, possibly

The area of Bam Citadel is 180,000 square meters and is
surrounded by walls 6-7 meters high and 1815 meters in
length, all out of Adobe. When the gates to the city were
closed, no human or animal could enter. The city was
self-contained with well access, gardens and cattle all
within the walls.

The adobe architecture was a little different when it came
to putting a roof on the structure. Typically roofs were
assembled from lengths of wood or metal. Then rows of dried
adobe bricks are laid over the top of a support structure
and plastered into place with more adobe.

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A Few Tips On What To Do When Your Home Gym Is Ready For The First Work Out !

If you have your modest equipment set up or a full-blown
exercise room but don’t know where to start here are a few

- It is wise to consult a doctor to get the all clear and
advice on healthy eating

- Buy good quality reading material and read lots of it to
see the common threads

- Buy exercise DVD’s to get you into a routine and teach
you important technique

- Try to set aside the same time for daily exercise to help
make it a natural part of your life

- Start out with routines you enjoy

- Keep it simple, if you go too hard it will discourage
further attempts

- Try and make it a group project with friends for fun

- Always make sure you warm up and cool down, as well as

Home gyms are a very non-threatening way to work on
fitness. Lack of experience can cause injury.

The possibility of losing your drive and enthusiasm is also
a distinct possibility. It would be a shame to spend the
time and money setting up to have silly mistakes ruin it.

The internet is rife with programs you can buy to get fit
overnight. If it seems too good to be true, it is.

Long term fitness means lifestyle change, and your home gym
is a wonderful start. Make the time to learn good habits
and your home gym will be a wonderful addition to your

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Home Gym - Why More People Are Choosing This Way To Go!

In 2005 exercise equipment sales were at $4.4 billion, and
increased to $4.7 billion in 2006. Gym suppliers are
clicking on to the fact that home users are a completely
new market.

And a high growth one.

No longer is the home gym relegated to a dusty corner, now
fully fitted custom designed rooms are becoming a must-have
in homes.

By and far the leading reason for this is convenience.
Having a home gym means there is less hassle to the day. No
need to turn your nose up at sweaty gym gear in the bag you
forgot to unpack. You can work out when you get home.

In today’s fast moving society, time is precious. Not to
mention money. Even a large initial outlay will save you
money down the track.

Gym fees, personal trainers, fuel costs, to name a few
savings. Certainly, the huge competition in the market is
making quality home gym equipment more affordable by the

The majority of buyers for their home are people who have
worked out in gyms, and have knowledge of workout safety

But that doesn’t mean beginner’s aren’t in on the
purchasing. Starters are more likely to try and buy one
machine to do it all, or buy too much for their skill

The bottom line is if you have some knowledge and the
space, a home gym is a fantastic option. If you are just
starting out, consult a doctor, get specialist fitness
advice and start with basics.

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Home Gym - Multi Staion Equipment !

What are they?

Freestanding training units using weights to offer
resistance to a range of body movements. Found in public
gyms, athlete-training centers and now from the comfort of
your own home gym.

How do they work?

A steel frame is set up with a series of pulleys, weights
and cables. Varying exercises can be performed on these
with the weights offering resistance to work muscles beyond
everyday activity.

Which is best?

There really is no one size fits all. Test them with
lighter weights first to get a feel for set up. If awkward
or uncomfortable once adjusted, it probably isn’t the right
design for your body.

What does multi-station mean?

A round of exercises is usually called a circuit (i.e.
circuit training) and each action you perform around the
machine is known as a station. Hence, multi-stations means
more than one station can be performed on the equipment.

How many stations will I get?

The more you pay the more variety you get. A basic would
have around 10-15 and that can range up to 70 or more. Ease
of use is much better to start with.

What does a station do?

Each station is designed to work a different set of
muscles. They are also set up with correct technique in
mind, which is very important. Don’t overdo the weights.
Just because you can lift it on the first round, does not
mean you will on the last one if you’ve worked too hard.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Home Gym-It Is Nice To Have Privacy!

If looking at long-term, serious fitness, a home gym needs
its own space. Apart from the privacy aspect, a
user-defined room is more likely to get used regularly.

One thing is for sure in this world and that is; nobody
wants to come visit or call until a non-interruptible
activity is started.

In fact, one might assume folk have forgotten where we
live, until we start exercising in the corner of our lounge
room. Then we just wish they would forget.

But apart from that, having your home gym separated means a
space can be created to suit you. Plus the much needed
time-out, you-time is achievable. Enjoying exercise time
means you’ll keep up with the routine.

A series of exercise stations can be positioned and mirrors
set on the walls for technique spotting. There will be
plenty of room for a multi-station home gym and other

Also adequate area to stretch is very important. Charts,
technique pictures, and exercise reminders go on the walls
to help.

But more than anything, it is your space, your time, all
about you. Away from the pressures of the rest of the
house, interruptions, and embarrassment, you and your home
gym can be as one.

Having a unique space shows this is as important as any
other aspect of life. And well it should be, because with
proper use you and your home gym will live a long, healthy
life together.

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Home Gym-From Begginer To Expert What Do You Need In A Home Gym?

If a beginner or light user wanting to improve general
fitness, flexibility, manage weight and increase muscle

- Aerobic machine (step, elliptical, treadmill, bike)

- Dumbbells-lighter for overhead lifts and side lifts,
Heavier for lunges and squats

- Adjustable bench

- Fitness ball

- Exercise mat

- Enough space for stretches

Multi-gyms are also popular in home gyms for beginners. A
price to suit all levels and an instructional book are good
incentives. Plus being compact less space may be required.
Most likely price range: Under $500-$1000

Intermediate trainers are usually moving into more serious
strength building, focusing on muscle development.

- Dumbbells- full set

- Barbells and plates

- Strong exercise bench with a barbell rack

- More advanced multi-gym-or cheaper option used along with
free weights above Most likely price range: $1500-$2500

Advanced trainers are taking on the serious body building.
This is often combined with public gym sessions as well.

- Large and complex multi-gym

- Advanced free weights and bench Usually $3000 upwards

Consider the space you have carefully. Some machines are
designed for corners, and some have large extension ranges.
Don’t buy sight unseen.

Be sure to get all possible measurements, including any
possible attachments. If you have more than one person
wanting to exercise at the same time, a multi-station means
more than one person can work out at once.

Watch how you transport equipment like dumbbells, bar
plates, and free weights. They are heavy and will do

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Home Gym-Getting Started On The Exercises !

Any complete exercise program has three main parts. Giving
the body a complete workout does not mean daily strenuous

In fact, using a home gym, even in limited space, can put
you on the road to fitness.

Target your home gym to body needs. To burn fat effectively
regular cardio, heart/lung, workouts must be done. You
don’t have to run for two hours a day to get that.

A treadmill, stepper or bike is great. To burn fat, do
enough to break a light sweat.

If you can have a conversation with someone but not sing to
them, is about the right zone. Sustaining this level for at
least an hour is preferable. 3-4 times a week is enough.

As you get fitter, increase the speed or resistance at
which you work to maintain the fat burning level. Perfect
in the lounge corner while listening to music.

The second part is muscle conditioning. This is achieved by
resistance training, in slow controlled movements. Anything
adding resistance to a movement does this, weights,
push ups, rowing machine, for example.

Regular sets of repetitions, in which the resistance
increases and not the repetitions, can take as little as 30
minutes 3-4 times a week.

The third should come after warm up and cool down.
Stretching lengthens muscles and eases soreness. All of
this can be done in the comfort of your own home gym.
Consult your doctor before getting started in the home gym.

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Top Two Things That You Need to About Home Gyms!

So, a home gym is where you want to be at to improve
fitness. Great! Now, where on Earth do you start?

This decision will mainly be based on two things. Your
fitness level and amount of space you have. The fitter you
are the more challenging your home gym equipment, and
probably a separate space will be set aside.

Experts will need a full-on gym capable of many exercise

Let’s start at the beginning: low fitness level, need
compact equipment because you only have a corner of the
lounge room. Needless to say, this will be at the lower end
of the cost scale as well, as low as $500 can start you

Training needs to include aerobic fitness equipment, and
resistance training. Starting out with a stationary bike or
treadmill takes care of aerobics. For simple resistance
work dumbbells are a great option.

With a little more space, a home gym that combines a few
different exercises is the way to go. These are
freestanding units, usually with seated and standing work
catered for.

Pricing can go anywhere from $800-$5000 depending on size
and quality.

Buying new means you can sell it when upgrading. Most
people start small and then clear a spare room, attic, or
garage to set up larger home gyms with more variety.

A home gym set-up can happen with modest outlay and space
requirements, and added to gradually. Most levels of
fitness and financial capacity can be catered for.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Home Gym-High Price VS Low Price !

If you’ve heard the saying, you get what you pay for, this
is certainly true with home gym equipment. It’s not all
high priced madness though.

Actually, the more costly the home gym means it will last
longer and be stronger. Unless you are wanting heavy duty
body-building, extremely high quality home gyms may be a
waste of money.

Finding a middle ground between affordability and quality
gives value for money. The general trend is to start up
somewhere between $500-$2000, get something with as much
training variety as possible, and think about long term

- Will you always have space limitations? If so, paying
extra for foldaway equipment will be worth it.

- Is your home gym for specialized body building? Remember,
as you get stronger and heavier, the amount you can lift,
or pressure on machines increases also. Cheaper equipment
will break down under stress it isn’t designed for.

- Will there be enough variety to keep you interested?
Effective exercise is about cross training and working as
many muscles as we can in different ways. Moreover, boring
means less inclination to exercise.

Total gym is a good example of equipment that does all parts of
the body on one piece of equipment.

- Are you the only person who’ll be using it? Something
that suits you may not suit a partner, teenage child or
brother. Home gyms are a big investment, financially and
time wise.

Research sellers, friends/family who have home gyms, and
narrow down possibilities before you make any purchase.
Buying used is an option, but remember you have no
guarantees on previous treatment.

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Why Have A Home Gym VS. The Public Gym?

Why train at home rather than going the grind with a bunch
of like-minded people at the public gym?

Here are a few reasons:

- Cost- A gym membership for a year can seem costly against
buying equipment that will last longer.

- Privacy- If currently unfit it can seem more attractive
to train with privacy.

- Time restraints- Busy lifestyles may mean odd hours to
train, which may not fit into opening hours.

- No pressure- watching others train at a higher level can
sometimes put undue pressure on us to perform before
physically ready.

- Less complex- often, walking into a public gym can seem
overwhelming trying to work out which machine does what and
where to start.

- No waiting- At home you never need to wait for equipment
to be free.

- Convenience- no travelling, no packing gear, no shared
amenities, no forgotten water bottles.

Take care to eat well, and get good advice on safety.
Starting out can be on a small scale, and gradually build
up the equipment.

Never start out blind, without a sensible training plan and
correct technique. If you cause yourself an injury, or
don’t get the desired results, any effort will be wasted
and that can be disheartening. If overweight, or haven’t
trained in a while, a quick checkup at the doctor is

Home gym offers many positive points, provided you get
proper advice beforehand. Buy good equipment, or be
prepared for cheaper to last a shorter distance.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Setting Up A Home Gym, Things To Consider !

How hard can it be, I hear you ask. Setting up a home gym
doesn’t need to be hard, but you do need to be smart about

The most effective equipment for the best possible price
may seem straight forward enough, but here a few things to

- Weight- Freestanding units are extremely heavy. Be sure
to check your floor type can bear the extra weight.
- Height-some pulley systems are quite high, so if you are
using a room in your home, check for clearance issues.

- Width- check how wide range of movement will be. Hitting
a wall with feet or hands is not what you want.

- Flooring- a cement slab in a garage is fine. But make
sure if you drop a weight it isn’t going to go through your
apartment or upstairs floor and kill Bob below watching TV
from the comfort of his armchair.

- Safety- Home gyms are fun for adults, do be sure children
cannot access the room, or you can fold and put equipment
away. In fact anyone who gets curious can easily injure
themselves if they haven’t used the equipment before.

- Correct assembly- know that the home gym will not turn up
at your door ready to go. Normally assembly will be
required and getting this wrong could not only void
warranty, but it puts the user at risk.

Be prepared and your home gym won’t present any annoying

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Gardening - Finding Answers To Gardening Problems !

Learning more about gardening can be fun and helpful. If you are
wanting to do gardening without using a lot of chemicals. There are
a lot of good books that can help you to learn more about how to do just

To find out what things that you already have in your own kitchen to
help in the garden. Books that we recommend are by Jerry Baker, he
is considered to be America's Master Gardener.

These are a few of the topics that you will find useful to help your garden.

* Getting your garden ready for winter.
* Problem with pests on your plants.
* Keeping unwanted dogs and cats out of your yard.
* Problems with the plants and what can be done to help them.
* How to have it greener on your side of the fence.
* Composting and how it can help your garden.

If you are just doing flowers, vegetables or both-how can you make
them even better that they are now?

If you like bird, butterflies or other wild life that you would like to
see in your yard. How to attract them into your yard with plants
that you add to your yard?

Gardening makes for good curb appeal for your home. If you are
wanting to sell this is the first place to start. The outside of the home
is what people see first. If they do not like the look of the home from the
outside they will not even make it into the door to see how great the inside

Now is the best time to learn more about gardening and how to put it to use
when spring comes and you want to plant. Enjoy the learning.

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Gardening - Now It Is Time To Store What Was Grown And Keep It As Fresh As It Can Be!

There is something about going to your cupboard and getting
a jar of canned vegetables that you personally grew and
preserved before winter set in.

Growing a garden may take a lot of work but it is something
that you can enjoy all year long.

Canning and preserving everything you grow is not only safe
but it can be very enjoyable and rewarding.

When you successfully hear all of the jars seal after they
are done canning can give you a sense of accomplishment and
can make you feel great about what your family eats.

Canning is a process that has been passed down from
generation to generation. The only problem today is that
commercially canned foods have since then taken over and
become so affordable that it is actually cheaper sometimes
to buy vegetables and fruits from the market instead of
growing them yourself.

There are other ways to preserve your food. You may want to
consider freezing or dehydrating. When you freeze your
food, some of the food needs to be blanched before you can
freeze it.

You may also be able to wash the food off and place it in
freezer bags, jars or freezer containers made just for the

Dehydration is another method that is being used to
preserve food. This process stops the progress of the food
where it is at and dries it at a steady temperature until
all moisture is gone from the food.

Then the food can be stored in a cool dry place for several

What is good about canning the fruit and vegetables that
came from your garden is that you know what went into that
food. No chemicals. Only good food.

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Gardening Using The Right Tool For The Job!

When gardening, you need to use the right tools in order to
make your garden grow. The more tools you use the quicker
and easier your fruits, vegetables, and flowers are to

Gardening takes a lot of time and effort to make a garden
grow to its maximum potential. It takes a lot of time and
dedication to grow a seed into a plant that produces
flowers or vegetables.

There needs to be caution taken when determining where you
want to start your garden. You will also need to consider
the depth of the soil that each plant will need.

Some plants are not buried deep in the soil but covered
lightly with soil in order to protect them while they grow.

Some important hand tools you will need for gardening
include a hoe, spading fork, a trowel, and a cultivator.

The hoe is used to work the soil and break it apart so you
can find it easier to plant. A spading fork is important to
help break the soil as well.

You need to use tools that best suits your garden. You may
need more tools than these or you may be able to use these
and that is all.

Tools can also be used to maintain the garden once the
seeds and plants have been planted. Working the soil can be
done weekly or more often if needed.

When working the garden regularly you will be able to tell
if you need to add more to your garden or if the plants are
growing like they should.

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Friday, November 6, 2009

The Importance Of Growing An Organic Garden !

There are several ways people grow their own gardens but
the one that is becoming more popular is called organic

Organic gardening is gardening naturally, without the help
of commercial fertilizers and other chemicals that are used
to help produce grow bigger faster. Growing fruits,
vegetables and herbs naturally may take some time but it
can be done.

When growing organic fruits and vegetables you may
need to be patient and creative but you can grow all your
fruits, vegetables and herbs organically.

There are other ways to get the same affect that
fertilizers give you. Taking care of the soil requires you
to work on it several times throughout the year so when you
are ready to plant you can ensure that your soil is rich
enough in vitamins and minerals to help seeds and plants

Composting can help fertilize your garden and make your
fruits and vegetables very healthy and hearty from the vitamins
and minerals. You will find simple tricks to use in order to
make your garden grow better.

When you teach your children to grow organically they can
enjoy the fact that they can pick fresh fruits and
vegetables right off the vine and eat it right away. With
chemicals you must wash your food thoroughly in order to
get the chemical off of the food.

You may find that inhaling the chemicals may also cause you
to feel bad and make it difficult to breathe if you are
suffering from allergies. Plants can grow great on its own
they just need time and a little tender loving care.

There are ways to take care of the bugs that might come into
your garden without the use of chemicals. For a good source of
information on gardening without chemicals look for America's
Master Gardener, Jerry Baker . He has many good books on
gardening using things that you have around the house already.

This is one of his many tonics that he uses with great success:

Dead Bug Brew

1/2 cup of dead insects ( the more, the merrier!)
1 tbsp of liquid dish soap
1 tbsp of cayenne pepper
2 cups of water

Put all of the ingredient in an old blender ( and I mean
really old), and puree the heck out of them. Strain out the
pulp using cheesecloth or panty hose. Dilute the remaining brew
at a rate of 1/4 cup of brew per 1 cup of water. Apply with a handheld
mist sprayer to flowers, vegetables, and shrubs to the point of runoff.

Check them out for yourself. He is very entertaining as he give the
information. Enjoy the read, we have.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gardening Gift Make The Best Gifts For Those That Have Everything !

When it comes to gift giving nothing is more valuable than
a gift that can be enjoyed for years to come and supplies
satisfaction with every bite.

Gardening gifts are very popular and they are less
expensive than buying something for someone that they
probably would not use.

When you give gardening gifts you can personalize that gift
to suit the interest of the one receiving the gift.

For example, if someone enjoys cooking and eating Italian
dishes, you may want to give them an indoor herb garden
that features herbs such as oregano, basil, and cilantro.

You can add other herbs that would be great to compliment
any Italian dish. This gift will allow them to enjoy their
Italian dishes more because they can use the fresh herbs
instead of the dried herbs bought at the stores.

Another great gardening gift would be to buy a mini
greenhouse and stock it up with plant seeds, watering can
and soil that they can put together when they are ready to
grow their own garden.

They may be able to plant enough seeds to sow an entire
garden for the planting season and your gift may give them
enough food to can and preserve throughout the winter.

Gardening gifts is a great way to let someone know how much
you care about them. It is simple but can last them as long
as they want to grow their own food.

Herbs also have another benefit to them. They can be used
in teas, foods and other ways in order to help heal the
body of ailments that may be causing pain or discomfort.

What better way to add some life to someones home. Gardening
can add to peoples lives. Your gift can be for inside the house or outside
the house. So many things to choose from. Enjoy.

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Indoors And Outdoor Flower Gardens

There is nothing that brightens your day anymore than
looking at freshly arranged flowers that were just picked
that day.

You put them into a clear vase and set them on a table to
enhance the beauty of your dining room.

The best thing about that is you were the one who grew the
flowers yourself so the arrangement did not cost you a

If you have never grown your own flowers but would like to
get started doing so you may find that growing flowers is
not only easy to do but it is relaxing and refreshing every
time you see a bloom.

There are some flowers that may be hard to grow. That would
include your seasonal flowers that only bloom during
certain times of the year, like Christmas cactus.

You may wonder if you are doing everything you are suppose
to do until you see it bloom. Gardening flowers can also be

If you grow flowers successfully you may be able to enter
flower contests to win money and ribbons.

You may also be able to sale fresh arrangements at a flea
market or your local flower shop. When you grow flowers you
always have a gift to give someone who is lonely,
depressed, just had a baby, someone who has been in a
hospital or for someone's birthday.

Flowers can say a lot and when you give flowers you can
give the most valuable gift of time. Flowers are a
wonderful way to uplifting spirits, including your own.

Flowers can be grown indoors or outdoors. Fall is a good
time to start an indoor flower garden.

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Saturday, October 31, 2009

How To Create Your Own Botanicals ?

If you like botanical prints.

This is a place that shows how to make your own with real flowers and frames.

These can add to the look of any home. What beauty they have. For the lesson go here.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

Growing A Herb Garden Can Be Done Inside Or Outdoors

You may use them every time you cook but you may not
realize how easy it is to grow your own.

When you plant a garden of herbs you can enjoy fresh herbs
with your meals everyday.

This herb garden can be moved indoors when the weather gets
to cold for it to be out doors.

Because herbs are great when they are grown indoors it does
not matter when you decide to start your herb garden.

The main thing you need to remember is that herbs need
great soil, good lighting, and a warm temperature in order
to grow successfully.

If you can provide these three ingredients and add a little
time you can enjoy fresh herbs conveniently and easily
right from your own herb garden.

Some of the more popular herbs to grow include: Chives,
Oregano, Cilantro, Basil, and Parsley but you can grow any
combinations of herbs that you wish to grow.

To get started in your herb garden you need to find a nice
spot in your home that provides warmth and light. If you
have a problem locating a place try using artificial
lighting in order to make your herb garden grow.

With artificial lighting you can put your herb garden
anywhere you would like. Next you need a pot or box to
plant your herbs in. Add your soil, fertilize it if
necessary and then add your herbs to it.

Always add enough water to give your seeds a good start and
then water as often as needed. Check to make sure that the
light is not too much for the herbs but it is enough to
supply light to the herbs in order to make them grow.

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Gardening To Help Your Food Budget !

Watching 'Little House on the Prairie' gave us a sense of
what life use to be like a long time ago when there was no
grocery store to stop in at on your way home from work in
the evening.

We would see Charles breaking the soil with a plow and his
team of horses and almost fall asleep while eating his

Working hard to produce their food was necessary. If they
didn't work to produce their own garden they may not have
enough food to get them through for the winter.

Over the years, as times changed, it has become possible
for grocery stores to offer foods to consumers for less
money than what it would cost to grow it themselves.

Because of that most people do not have to grow their own
garden for food because of the affordable prices. There are
some that find that growing a garden is still necessary for
their own personal reasons.

Growing a garden may be a way of life for some. If you grow
up producing a garden every year you soon learn all the tips
and tricks that you can pass down to your children.

Raising a garden for your main source of food requires a
lot of work and some expense involved as well. In the end
you can enjoy everything from your garden all year long by
preserving them.

When you harvest your food you can save seeds from your
vegetables so you can use them next year to plant with.
This will save you money in the long run because purchasing
seeds and plants can be a big expense.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Teaching Children About Gardening!

There are several different kinds of gardening; plants,
flowers, trees, fruits, herbs and more.

Gardening is very important to everyone because everyone
needs to eat in order to stay alive.

A garden can be any size that you want it to be. You can
have a box outside your window with a few plants in them or
you can have acres of land as a garden.

Gardening can be done in different seasons, depending on
your climate and where you live. Grown ups can grow a
garden that will produce fresh vegetables to eat for dinner
or to can or preserve so they can be eaten during the

Children need to learn about gardening for several reasons;
it can teach them where food can come from, it can teach
them how plants grow from seeds to plants that produce, it
can also teach them other things like patience as they
watch the garden grow.

Gardening also gives the kids a chance to get outdoors and
do something that is productive and fun.

Allow your child to go with you to buy supplies that are
needed for their garden. You may even want to start them
out in a pot or a box outside that they can plant a few
plants in.

Some of the items you will need to purchase would be soil,
seeds, hand held garden tools, a watering can and some
fertilizer if needed.

Have your child read the directions on each package and
notice how everything is grown differently.

For example, cucumbers are barely planted under the ground
while carrots need to be planted deeper. Knowing the depth
of each seed will ensure that your child's garden will grow
accurately and productive.

They also need to know how much water and sunlight for the plants
to grow as they should. If they over water the plants they will not grow.
If they do not get enough or to little sunlight they will not grow as they

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Gardening Indoors And Outdoors In A Small Space!

Sometimes you may not have access to a wide open field to
plant a garden in but you still want to enjoy gardening and
eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

Growing a garden inside can allow you to produce fresh
fruits and vegetables any time of year because you can
control the climate that the plants need to grow.

This is the AeroGrow, there are others that you can choose
from. It comes with a grow light. It is good for an indoor
herb garden. If you have more than one you can grow
many different kinds of plants, vegetables or flowers.

There are several different ways to grow fresh fruits,
vegetables, and herbs inside.

You may want to use pots to grow your garden, a flower bed
outside of your window or your front porch or you may be
able to find a mini greenhouse that you can set up on your
front porch or in your front room that faces the sun so
that your plants will grow in a warm and well lit

Grow boxes are a great way to use a small space to grow things.

Container gardening also works very well.

This is an outdoor greenhouse. This can work inside or out.
If it is used inside the house you will need to put it where it
gets a lot of light or use grow lights.

To grow your garden in a box is simple. Go to the store and
find a square box, a round galvanized tub or anything like
that where you can place soil in with a little depth.
Gather all your seeds and planting supplies in order to
grow your garden.

Because of the limited space you will not be able to grow a
complete row of vegetables but you will be able to put
fresh vegetables on your table occasionally.

You may want to dehydrate your vegetables as they grow so
that you can preserve them and eat them later when you have
a craving for something from the garden.

Even if you cannot grow a big garden there are other ways
to get what you want from a garden without paying a lot of
money for it.

Sometimes it is good to have things grow Up like in the video
above. Sometimes using shelves like in the mini greenhouse.
Containers also work very well. Use the space that you have
to your best use. Mix flowers in with the vegetables and what
a beautiful site that is.

Use some thought and you can have a wonderful garden indoor
or outdoors, even in a small space.

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