Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Buying Art : The Basics Whether You're A Pro Or Not

Part 2

Five questions that you should ask when buying art.

If the time comes that you see a piece that you want, whether it be a sculpture, painting or a print, there are generally four questions that you should ask them and yourself to start your decision making.

Corn husking sculpture

Women in art ( paintings)

Who's The Artist?

To answer this, you have 2 reliable sources: spoken and written information. Spoken information usually comes from the artist himself, gallery exhibiting the piece or the dealer. It can also come from other collectors, friends, family, and other people that are familiar with and about the art or the artist being considered. On the other hand, written information could come in a number of forms like artist career resumes, gallery exhibits catalogues, art reference books and exhibition reviews.

How Important Is It?

This could be answered by simply looking at as many possible pieces done by the artist. Try to be familiar with the range of the artists' art and see where that particular piece falls. You can start by asking the seller to show you a number of pieces done by the artist, whether original, in print, or in photographs. Also try to see works from all periods of the artist's career; doing this can teach you a lot about the artwork and the artist at hand.

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