Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Buying Art : The Basics Whether You Are A Pro Or Not !

Part 3

The rest of the questions that should be asked:

Where Has It Been?

It's also important to know where that particular piece of art has been. This is done by accumulating all incidental information about the piece. It's similar to making a biography of the piece, from it's birth, which is the artists completion of it, up until the present day.

This can b helpful since good provenance and documentation can increase an artwork's desirability, collect ability, and market value. Having a good provenance in the art world is analogous to having good pedigree in the pet world. For example, if a painting was exhibited at a notable and important art show, then it is more collectible than a similar painting that wasn't; just the same with awards and prizes.

Is The Price Fair?

For this question, it doesn't really matter what the piece's value may be in the future, since nobody can really answer that. What you should want to know is whether the piece is fairly priced today or not. This is a very important question, because just like other services or goods, art can sometimes come overpriced.

The last question is-

Do You Like The Piece And How Will It Look In Your Home?

This is the most important questions of all. YOU are the one that has to look at the piece all the time. Your the one that needs to enjoy it the most. Buy something that you will like and enjoy.

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