Thursday, February 25, 2010

Create The Feeling Of Space For A Small Space!

If you live in a small apartment or home and you want
to create a feeling of a bigger room there are several
things you can do. Two of the biggest things you can
do is create focal points and take advantage of
reflecting. These two things will give you a bigger
look and feel of the smaller rooms.

Creating a focal point in a small room is key when you
don’t want people noticing how small the room really
is. When you have a specific focus point the room
might be more interesting and seem a little bit
( a fireplace and a mirror is using both of the elements to make
the room look bigger.)

(Adding the same elements into different areas of the room
ties it all together and gives interest to the room.)

You can do this by painting one wall in the room a
different or darker color giving your room an
uncluttered gallery effect by the use of a low hanging
light fixture and assembling artwork on the wall. This
has an opening effect on the room.

( The paint shows of the details in the walls of this bathroom
and the bling in the light fixture is something else that adds to
the room.)

When you use reflecting to make a room bigger, you
will use things in your home that reflect such as
mirrors, furniture, metallic pieces, and things that
have a shimmer.

When these items are strategically placed throughout
the home or the room they give a feeling of light and
more space. A mirror can be placed strategically in a
room to reflect the outdoors or even a window or a
doorway which makes the room appear much larger than
it is and it brings in more light.

If you are trying to take the focus from the small
size of a room and make it look bigger then you can
take advantage of the use of reflections and creating
focal points. Mastering these two techniques can make
your home look much bigger.

Get things that are to the scale of the room. It adds to
the charm of the room without making it feel cramped.
Sometimes less is more. A love seat, two chairs, an end
table, coffee table, area rug, mirror on the wall and some
art. What a nice setting that makes.

( Small but OH what style it has.)

Don't forget to find things that do double duty in the
furniture to add storage to the room and help with the
function of the room. Sometimes a small space needs to
do more than one thing. Like a guest room and an office
in the same room. By using a sofa bed or a Murphy's bed,
both things can be done in the same space.

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Decorating -Studio Apartments And Other Small Spaces!

When you live in a very small area like a studio
apartment it might seem impossible to decorate and
make livable.

You might have issues with where you are going to put
all of your stuff and you also might want the look and
feel of different rooms although you are living in one
big room. You can achieve these things with a few
simple things.

First, when you live in a studio that is one big room
for everything you don’t want the place to look the
same throughout.

The use of area rugs can help to define one area from
another. They come in different shapes, sizes and colors.

The use of bookcases that are open can section off parts of the
room without it feeling closed off.

( curved bookcases can add interest to the room and act like
a divider.)

You want the feeling of being in different rooms and
you want to decorate each of them differently. You can
separate rooms by using dividers.

You can find hand carved and decorated dividers that
look fantastic in your home. Dividers perfectly
separate the rooms the way you want them.

Some people like to use hanging beads or fabric to
create a wall to separate the rooms by creating a
wall. This can look good also and give you the look of
having different rooms in the area although it really
is one big room.

(If you do not want to see the book the drapes can be closed.)

When you are in a studio apartment it is best for the
place to look nice because you are in such a small
space and you need to hide your things. Find pieces of
furniture that can be used as storage as well as seating.

(This storage bench does three things. A place to hang coats,
a place to sit and a place to store things.)

Things like a Murphy bed can give you more room during the day
and a place to sleep at night. Added storage as well.

You can find containers that are decorated that allow
you to hide your clothes and things in style so the
place looks nice and not in disarray.

Many people prefer the designer wicker containers
because they are stack able providing for more space
and they are reasonably priced.

Do not forget to use your wall space by adding shelves.

Be creative when it comes to small spaces to best use the
room that you have. Scale the furniture to the size that
you have. A table that folds down when not needed for eating
save you space.

Make things that you bring in useful and beautiful. Have them do
more than one job. Like a sofa bed for when you have guest. Use
every space that that you have to the fullest. Storage is a big issue
in a small space. Find pieces of furniture that can be used for storage
and something else.

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

Monday, February 15, 2010

Make The Most Of The Space That You Have!

You might have a lot of things that you would like to
display but you are aware the clutter makes your place
look terrible. There are many ways you can fix
problems with clutter and still display your favorite

If you have a smaller kitchen with a lot of items
piled up all around you because you don’t have the
space for everything then you should consider kitchen

You can find mounts to install in your ceiling that
you can hang your pots and pans from. This actually
looks really good above an island or along the wall.

There are wired hang-ups with hooks you can stylishly
hang coffee mugs and extras. This gives you the
opportunity to decorate your kitchen while you are
making the most use of your space in the kitchen.

If you have collections of things that you would like
to display and the items are cluttered all over the
place, then you must look into floating shelves and
display cases.

(display case)
(floating shelves and a collection of "Star Wars stuff" and other toys)

You might not have room for a display case, but your
walls have the room you are hoping for. You can line
your walls with stylish and affordable shelving which
will allow you to display your collectibles neatly and
organized giving your room a new look.

It also makes your room look much bigger when you make
the most of your space with shelving because items are
not spread throughout the place but neatly organized
on the walls.

If you are short for space and you have many items
throughout your home you would like to display then
get them up off of the floor and put shelving and
hang-ups throughout your home.

You will be surprised how much more space you have in
your home and how nice it looks to display your things
rather than have them piled up.

Built in bookcases are another way to display your things.

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Adding Style To The Room By Adding Color!

You can spruce up any room at a low cost. There are
many things you can do without having to spend a lot
of money. Many of the items you can purchase to liven
up a room include paint, paintings, rugs, colorful accessories,
though pillows, slip covers for the furniture, drapes to
name a few things that can add color to your room.

White walls can be very boring in a new apartment or
home. Ask the Landlord first if it is an apartment. If you
promise to paint before you leave they might let you do it
( the same with wall paper.)
You might not have a lot of money to spend for
decorating or design but you need to do something.

(adding wall paper to the room)

Painting the walls can make a really big difference in
a room. Some people favor sponge painting because it
looks as if the paint changes the texture in the

However, finding the right paint can create a mood in
the room you are looking for that is pleasurable and
calming. If the room has crown molding or other details,
paint can bring them out to be more noticeable and add
greatly to the look of the room.

(The paint makes the crown molding stand out.)

Adding a painting to a wall makes a statement.
You can find cheap artwork for your wall that you enjoy
and it will say something about you. Some people like to add
a painting to a wall to create a focal point in a room
and it does work well. It will surprise you the
difference a picture or a painting will make in a room.

Adding a colorful rug to a drab room will make an
amazing difference with the look and feel. A rug can
brighten up and make the room look brand new.

( The colors in the area rug can help to tie the room together.)

Depending on the style of your furniture, you might
consider an area rug as your center point in the room.
You will be surprised with the difference you can make
by laying out an area rug.

* Adding colorful accessories to the room help a lot.

* Changing the drapes or window treatment can add color
and texture to the room.

* Slip covers can change the color and look of the furniture.
If it is not that new, it will add new life to the furniture as well.

* Through pillows add color as well.

These things do not cost a lot, but can transform your room
to the look and style that you are looking for.

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Decorate On A Budget - Add Style To Any Room!

There are many ways you can decorate your home when
you are on a budget. You don’t have to have a lot of
money to make your home look nice and stylish.

Many of the things you can do is shop second hand, use
family members, finding less than perfect items, and

If you are hoping to redecorate your home but you are
on a tight budget then don’t worry about hiring
someone to come in and help you. This is where your
family and friends can come in and assist.

Find photos of rooms that you like in magazines, see if
you can find things that are close to the styles that are
in that photo. Find them at second hand stores or scratch
and dent. Take your time the hunt is part of the fun, one
piece at a time. What great joy you will have when it is finished.

When you are at the stores see how the do accessories and
flowers that add to the room and do the same in your home.

You can even hold a party to help you with the efforts
of painting, laying tile, or anything else you have in
mind. Friends and family are always willing to come
and help with a decoration project and if you provide
the food and drinks then they usually will never say

When you are on a budget it is hard to find the best
and you have to be flexible. You can shop at second
hand stores and find really nice furniture, paintings,
rugs, and more.

( Deadwood South Dakota, what great finds you can find here.)

If you are willing to shop used it will surprise you
some of the neat items you can find at these places
that you can use that will make your home look
fabulous. You might also want to think about finding
less than perfect merchandise.

You can go to furniture stores and find defective
furniture that is still brand new for very low prices.
Some of the furniture might have a scratch that is
barely noticeable at an excellent price. Some of the
furniture you cannot even see the defect and it is
brand new.

When you are on a budget you have to think cheap. Use
your friends and family members to help you and find
low cost items that are not so perfect or second hand.

From the second hand store you might find a piece and use it
in a totally different way than it was used before. With a few
changes It can have new life and add life to your room.

Hide the office by having it be in something that closes when
you do not need it and opens when you do need it. Same with
the tv.

Think of things like refinishing the things that you already
have to give new life to them and give your room a new look.
Refinish wood pieces to make them look new.
Changing the paint color in your rooms can give it the zing that
it needs. Slip covers can add new life to the sofa or chair.
( Add new fabric to the seat of the chair and it looks new again.)

Changing the window treatment or light fixtures are something
that really change the look of a room.

Take classes to learn how to do your own tile work or carpentry
work. There are some things that should be left to the pro's
plumbing , electrical and the furnace are a few of these important
things that can cost more than money if not done right.

Do what you can to help yourself. You never know you might like
what you learned so much that you make a living at it or add to
your income with your new found skills.

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"