Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tips For Pest Control In The Vegetable Garden

* Herbs are great to plant in with the vegetable garden. These are a few that will do double duty. They will help keep the unwanted pests away. Because of the strong odors that they give off they work well in the flower garden as well as in the vegetable garden. Try these for pest control:
Chives, Garlic, Mint, Rosemary, Sage, and Thyme. Alternate rows with these and the vegetables or plant here and there throughout the garden. They are great " pest away" plants.

*If you have a problem with peppers and tomato plants breaking off at the soil line, it is probably cutworms. Place a 2-inch-high aluminum foil collars around the plant stems. the foil needs to be 1 inch below the soil. Mulch with oak leaves to keep them at bay.

* To keep slugs at way, use a piece of old screen. Cut a slit into it with a round circle in the middle slide it around the plants stem. The slug does not like scratchy surface. Used sandpaper discs work the same way.

* Some pests do not like sunlight. To control the pests around your squash, cucumbers, and corn. Try adding aluminum foil as a mulch around them. This reflects light and pests are gone.

* This simple spray will help with pest control of the ones that walk, crawl, or fly in. This you can get from your own kitchen. The hotter the better. Mix 1 tablespoon of mustard in 1 quart of warm water, shake well until it is all mixed together. Lightly mist-spray it on your vegetable plants when you notice the problem.

These are a few ways to keep pests under control without the things that can harm us and the planet. If we work with nature it works with us. This way you know what is on your food. Nothing harmful. How much better for you is that?

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