Friday, April 17, 2009

Are You Looking To Remodel Your Home ? Fix It Up Instead Of Moving.

These are two companies that make a difference in your pocket book and in your home. If you make it more livable for your family, why not stay in the home that you are in already. Times are difficult. Make the best of what you already have.

Small changes can make a big difference, as seen in the photos to the right.

If you are tired of high prices, go to someplace that is factory direct NO middleman. Less cost to you to do cabinets , wood blinds.

Lighting will be coming soon.

They have these kinds of flooring- hardwood, laminates,tile, natural stone, and carpet.

They have blinds and wood shutters.

They have Granite counter tops.

To learn more about this company go to
Direct Buy Flooring

Now on to the other company. The thing that got my interest was the business card that we got from them. The front of the card had the kinds of things that you would think, name of the company, name of the person that gave out the card ( in this case the owner), address, phone number web address, what they do-wood reconditioning-custom refacing-and much more. They do remodeling of kitchens.

The front of the card was not the interesting part. It was on the back of the card. All the things that they guarantee to do. This is customer service. They remodel kitchens, that you can have a kitchen tune.up they have great before and after photos. Enjoy.

You are wanting to stay in your home but the kitchen needs some work. Check them out.

If you are wanting to sell down the road. Kitchens and bathrooms help to sell the home. If they are updated. They will sell sooner.

They have stores all over the nation. Great Job with customer service. Great business card.

Now is a good time to remodel and stay in the home that you already have. A few little things can make a big difference.

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Dan and Deanna Finlinson "Marketing Unscrambled"

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