Monday, April 13, 2009

Helpful Items To Beautify And Help Your Garden Grow With Less Work

Find the area that you live in, if you are in this area of the world. How hardy do the plants need to be?

This is beautiful as well as useful. To save on your water bill. Save the rainwater to use on your garden.
Urn Collect Rainwater To find out more about it, use the link above.

For any container plantings this works very well. Great for the house plants as well. They do not need to be watered as often. This helps to hold the water. The plant uses it a little at a time as needed.
Terr-sorb is were to go.

More watering systems that can help your garden. These give out water a little at a time, better for the plants. Vacation watering for sensitive plants
is the way to go.

Soaker Hoses
are a way to use less water and still get the job done. Use the link to find out more.

For this tree watering ring go to this link.

For the raised bed planting boxes. These are great. They show you where to plant. They keep the moisture in the soil and the root cool. They also help to keep the weeds out. That saves you time and money
( for watering.) Pre-cut mats are what you are looking for.

These help to keep the unwanted guests out of your garden. This is the way to go for great Pest Control .

This protects your plant in your garden if the weather changes from warm weather to cold weather.

This one can give the plants in your garden a bit of shade in the eat of the day.

Beautify your flower garden or other parts of your garden with the look of stone without all the work of real stones.

Hide the things that detract from your garden. Add some Mock Rocks to hide them from view.

The recycled rubber mulch comes in long stripes that can be used as a boarder or the circles that go around trees. They let the water go through. They keep the weeds out. It does not blow around. It last a long time.

We hope that these help you in your garden. May if be beautiful. That it is productive all season long. This is the last in our gardening section. Maybe more in the fall. May your flowers bloom big and beautiful. May your vegetables be abundant that you can share with others as well as take care of your own needs. Have a great time in your gardens.

copyright Dan and Deanna Finlinson "Marketing Unscrambled"

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