Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wall Decals Help Make Any Space Look Better!

This is a great way to use decals to enhance the room. If it is your home office, living room, a child's bedroom, kitchen or anywhere in the house. They can add interest to that room. If you want to see some ways that they can be used visit HGTV they have two examples of how they can be used.

They can be placed on the wall, even on a window. They stick to the wall without hurting the wall. They come off without a problem. They are great for apartments, dorm rooms, office. They can be taken down without hurting the wall or other places that you put them on.

Now you know how easy they are to put up. Easy to change. What can you think of to use them for?

This is how to make your own decals. No mess or fuss.

Have fun with the decals. Where can you find to put them? Dress up some furniture. How about the ceiling? What can you imagine to do with them. How often do you want to change the look of your room?

Let us know how you would use them, where would you use them?

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

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