Thursday, August 13, 2009

Home Improvement, What Gives The Best Return On Your Money?

With the times that we are in now, more people are doing remodeling in the home that they have at this time. They are doing home improvements instead of moving to the bigger house with bigger payments. What kind of improvements give you the best return on the money spent. Top on the list is:
* Kitchens
* Bathrooms

They give about an 80 % return on the money that you spend.

Some of the things that do not do as well are these:

* Home office
* Specialized spaces
* New roof
* Swimming pool

The reasons for this is like with the-
* Home office- If you are taking space from bedrooms to do the office and adding expensive finishing in it. A lot of people do not want to pay high dollars for an office.
* Specialized spaces- These might take space that would be better used for other things that are better suited to more people's lives.
* New roof- This is a necessity, so people do not want to pay big $$$ for the most expensive one that you can find.
* Swimming pools- The upkeep gets in the way here. Some parts of the country they are expected, but for most parts of the country they are not, so the upkeep gets in the way. Safety is another reason.

Some extra tips:
* To get the best returns on your investment scour local listings to see what's standard in your area and bring your decor up to speed -but don't go way above that or you will not get that money out of the house.
* If you put to much of a personal touch on things it could make it a lot harder when it is time to sell the house.

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