Sunday, August 9, 2009

Is It Time To Change The Look Of Your Room With No Cost?

The above room looks crowded. The focal point of the room, the fireplace is not shown off well. It is not in play at all with the rest of the room. A lot of unused space in this room. It is not inviting at all to stay in this room.
Above the furniture has been arranged differently. All the focus is on the fireplace with the furniture in front of it so that everyone can enjoy it.

Their is more furniture in this second one by one thing the sofa table. Everything else is in both. This one looks less crowded then the first. The flow of the room is better than the first. Their are three other areas in this room besides the main grouping in front of the fireplace. First to the left of the french doors is a reading area. Then going around the room-both corners by the fireplace is the two ottomans for extra seating when needed. Finally the right side of the french doors is armoire that can store the home office things. Hide it away when not in use. It also is a place to store other things as well. It has walking room around the furniture. Clear path to the doors.

Above is the list of all the things in the room in both room arrangements ( with the exception of the sofa table that is only in the second one.)

If you would like to do your own room arrangement ( click the link). You can move things around without hurting your back. See what looks best and then do it in the room and you will know the outcome before you start. Do you want a new look to your room without buying new things- move things around. Have fun doing it.

This is a great way to figure out those hard to do rooms. Maybe they have an odd shape. Long and narrow. Use the trick that we did above, use different sections for different things. Divide it up into different groupings. Make a vocal point for the room even it the room does not have one. Use paint to make it. Paint one wall a different color. For a long and narrow room, you can break it up a little by using screens to divide the room up a little. Shelves that are open front and back work well for this without totally blocking that part of the room from the rest.

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