Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Six Things To Do Before You Want To Sell To Get The Most Out Of Your Home!

Do not go for the big home improvements just before you want to sell. It might not be done on time and it costs a lot of money that you may not get back when you sell. Go with the budget friendly things instead. Small and simple. Stick with the inexpensive upgrades that can make a huge difference in the home's saleability. This get you the most bang for your buck. They are:

1. Fix what is broken.
* If the heater does not work - repair it.
* Cracked ceiling.
* A torn screen door. This is what people are going to see first. Take it off or repair it.
* Door bell that does not work.

People are going to look at these things and say If they can not change the light bulb or fix that faucet what else is wrong with the house and they will ask a lower price for the house. So repair all the things that need to be fixed.

2. Create the best looking curb appeal that you can.
* Freshen up the look with paint on the house.
* Make sure that the lawn is watered and mowed, flower beds are well taken care of. Do not forget to add different colors in the plants in the yard.
* Things are taken care of in the repairs in the driveway and side walks.
* Paint or replace the front door. This is the first thing that people will see.
* Over grown plants- cut them back or take them out.

The first impression is going to make the difference between people going WOW can not wait to see this house or people driving by.

3. Lighten Up.
* Box up your collectibles. A lot of people are going to be going through the house. You do not want them stolen or broken.
* De-clutter your home. Box it up (this helps when you are moving as well it is already boxed up.)
* Take down family photos. You want those coming though the house to see themselves in the house and they can not do that with your family photos everywhere. Put up neutral art instead.
* Take down outdated wallpaper or paint over that bright red paint. A new coat of paint does wonders for the home. Paint it in a neutral color that more people will enjoy.
* Change the light bulbs to the highest wattage for that fixture possible.

You want thing to look as big as possible in the home. You want as many people as possible to like your house, so that you can sell quickly for the highest amount possible.

4. Modernize for less
* Paint kitchen cabinets and change the hardware.
* Change the counter tops.(If needed)
* Update the light fixtures and faucets.

* Update the appliances
* For the bathroom, new paint, mirror, change the lighting fixtures, put down tile on the floor, change the sink to a pedestal one. Bathrooms are smaller they do not take as much tile.

* Change window treatments.

Kitchens and Bathrooms get a 80 % return of the money spent on them when you sell.

5. If your basement is unfinished, finish it.

Put up the sheet rock and put down the floor covering. This will give buyers more living space, adding more value to the home.

6. Go Green

Things that help the home save on energy cost like: replace drafty windows, updating appliances, insulation.

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Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

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