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If You Are On A Budget You Can Still Add Style To Your Home!

Part 3

This is something that you can do with tile that you find that are salvaged, from a close out sale, remnants at a local store, if you have leftovers from other projects.These kinds of things can save you money. This rainbow of tile can be used in the kitchen on a back splash, bathroom. It can be used on the floor, to decorate a wall. you can use any size or color, they can go in any order that you want them in.

(photos from DIY magazine)

If you have something that you are not using any more for the purpose that you got it for. Don't get rid of it, turn it into something that you can use in your home (if it is good condition) like this laundry station. It would brighten any laundry room to have this very useful piece of furniture in it.

The finished product-look at how beautiful it turned out to be.
What ever you can think of to use in a different manner can be done like this was.

These are some places that you can find things to help you in the style of your home. Places like Lumber liquidator is a great place for flooring for less money. Factory Direct you skip the middle man, so that you get it for a lower cost. Look for close out sales on product that are being discontinued. If you have smaller areas try remnants at most stores ( ask about it, if you can not find it on your own.) Salvage is an other way to find things that you can use. These are things that have been taken out of buildings or homes before they are torn down.

With some of these things you really need to be able to use your imagination and think outside the box.

If you have a small sink area in a bathroom try remnants if you want granite counter tops. If you have an island in the kitchen put granite on it and it will help the rest of the kitchen look high end without the big price tag. Make sure that the rest of the counter tops are not extra cheap when using granite on the island.

Small changes can make a big difference.

If you change the counter tops and paint the cabinets, paint the rest of the room. Then the room looks like it has been redone. At a fraction of the cost. This saves a lot of stuff going to the land fills.

Your home can look wonderful and not cost you an arm and a leg in doing it. Experiment a little see how it turns out. If it turns out good keep working at it a little at a time.

Magazines like Do It Yourself can help you come up with ideas to help you get started. Find photos from other magazines that you like the style of and use the style and go from there.

We would love to hear your success stories. Leave a comments please.

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