Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Adding Color To Your Rooms, How Do You Choose?

Part 3 Tips on choosing the pain color for your rooms.

Choose a combination of colors. Two, three or four colors. Choose one of the colors to be the main color. Use the other colors as accents. Some colors are more bold than others. Red is one that can be overpowering if to much of it is used. Green, blue, and violet are colors that can calm you.

A good way to find what works well together is to look at magazines that talk about home decor find one that you like the colors of. See how they have used the colors and do that in your home.
This is a good place to go to get ideas, you can post your room and see what others have to say that might help you. If you see other rooms that you like that you can use for inspiration. Go to:
Rate My Space
Color Splash

If you have fabric that you like and it has more than one color. Choose some colors from that fabric, that means that they will all work together. They already do in the fabric. If it is the curtains and furniture take the color from them. The colors of the room need to go with the colors that you already have or it will not work.

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