Thursday, February 5, 2009

What You Need To Know About Tankless Water Heaters

The tankless water heater have many good things going for them.

* You can get rebates from your utility company. For gas go to: For electrical power, this site show different places all over the USA. Go to:
Rebates for home owners, commercial buildings, builders and for multi family complexes. ( They are different depending on what state you are in. Check with your utility company to know for sure what they offer.)
* They are made for commercial property as well as private homes, multi family complexes, builders are putting them into the new construction projects.
* They save on energy.
* They take up less space and they are mounted to the wall inside or outside the building.

* They can supply you with an endless supply of hot water. No more running out of hot water in the middle of your shower.
* No more flooding your house when the old tank water heater goes out.
* Easy to replace parts if needed to extend the 20 year life span of the tankless water heater.

Now for the few things that could make you think about the tankless a little longer. Not big obstacle, they can be over come.
* It is a higher cost up front for the tankless water heater than for the tank water heater. ( With the rebates and the savings to your utility bill every month it will pay for its self in on time at all.)
* They take longer to get hot water since they do not start heating water until you turn on the faucet.

* Increases the amount of wasted water, since you have to wait longer to get the hot water. This to can be solved by a specialized pumping system. One such system is the chilipeper hot water pump that goes under the sink and a push of the button turn it on. Go to this site to learn more about it . Less wasted water.
THAT IS THE LIST OF THE PRO'S AND CON'S. Now for some facts. Tankless water heaters save energy and thus saves you money every month. Tank water heaters heating the water even when you are not using the hot water accounts for 20% or more of an average household's annual energy expenditures. The yearly operating costs for conventional gas or electric storage tank water heaters average $200.00 to $450.00 respectively. This kind always goes on and off to keep the water in the tank hot when you are not even home. The tankless water heater ONLY heats the water when you are using it. When the faucet is turned on, the water heater comes on, that is why it is called "Hot water on Demand."
THE TANKLESS WATER HEATER are used all over Japan and Europe. The size of the tankless water heater makes a big difference in Japan where space matters a lot.
THE LIFE EXPECTANCY of a tankless water heater is 20 years or longer if you just replace the parts when they are needed. The the storage tank water heater last 10 to 15 years and when it goes out you could have a flood on your floors.
* You have a choice of fuel that you can use Natural Gas, Propane, Electric, Solar or Solar and Natural Gas as a back up.
* Where is the property that you will be using the tankless water heater. Your home in the city. How about the Mountain cabin? Is the place small or large? How many bathrooms? What kind of demand will there be? Kitchen, washing clothes, bathrooms all being used at the same time. Is the unit big enough for all of it. For a really big need for hot water multiple tankless water heaters can work in tandem to get the job done.
* To lower the high energy costs. The tankless water heater will pay for its self every month with the lower cost for energy. Energy savings between 15% to 40%
* It is on the wall and out of the way. It does not take up much space.
* It does a better job at "Hot water on Demand", No Cold Showers
* The storage tank water heater fails to give you all the hot water that you need. It runs out in the middle of your shower.
* It also cost a lot in energy usage.
*It can flood you home with water.
*It takes up a lot of space
* Make sure that they are licenced to do the work that you are wanting done.
* Check them out with the Better Business Bureau that they have no complaints against them.
* Get your estimates in writing.
* Get estimates from more than one company. Get them all in writing.
* Ask for references of people that they have done work for. Make sure that you talk to them.
* Make sure that if you need permits from the City or the right government agency, that you have them. Have the contractor show them to you.
* Make sure that they know the building codes for your area.
* Make sure that all the inspections have been done.
* Pay some up front but not all. Make sure the work gets done to your satisfaction before you pay the rest of the money.
* Ask if their is a guarantee to the work that they are doing. Get that in writing also.
THESE ARE MANUFACTURERS of the tankless water heaters and the web addresses for them.

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