Sunday, February 15, 2009

Review Of Log Home Magazine

This is a great publication to learn more about log homes. It has great article to help you maximize your space with expert tips to help you save money on your log home. It has great photos, you can use the photos to help you decorate your home. Wonderful articles to help you with things like
* MEETING THE 5 CHALLENGES OF CONSTRUCTION FINANCING, the must-know steps to getting a loan
* 8 STRATEGIES to help you build a better great room
* 4 WAYS to make a great room cozy
* 10 TOP great room designs

They have all kinds of tips and ideas like:
* Factors in turnkey pricing
* Turnkey tips
* 5 key questions for lenders
A. Are you funding construction loans to custom homeowners now?
B. Have you done construction lending to an owner builder in the past three months?
C. Have you done construction lending to a vacation home builder in the past six months?
D. Have you adopted appraisal definition that consider log homes comparable to custom homes?
E. Have you done construction lending to a log home owner builder in the past six months?
* Adding up the costs of a vacation cabin.
* Make your cabin look bigger or smaller.
* Make the space livable.

An other awesome thing that this publication has is floor plans to choose from, small, medium and large.

From many different companies that you can choose from.

(small) (medium)


To get a subscription call: 1 866 700 2995

or visit:

This gives great information on log homes, good articles, photos are beautiful to look at. The floor plans are many, with great choices from different companies from different parts of the country. You can choose one close to you. Log homes work well in the mountains, small towns, or sometimes in big cities. Any were that you choose to build one. They are beautiful to look at. Great for your main home or a vacation get away. Where would you choose? Leave your comments, we would love to hear from you.

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Believe Achieve - Hugo and Roxanne said...

Log Homes are truly beautiful to look at. When our time comes to purchase our first Log Home, it would definitely be in the mountains. Possibly Lake Tahoe or Shaver Lake and of course it would be our winter home. Thanks for the great info.

Many Blessings....
Hugo and Roxanne
~Believe Achieve~

Deanna said...

Hugo and Roxanne, thank you for your comments. Log homes are beautiful and in the mountains is even better.
Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"