Saturday, February 7, 2009

Rebates From Your Utility Company For Making These Change To Your Home

If you have older appliances that need to be updated, then this might help. Check with your utility companies ( Gas and Electric ). They give rebates for getting new ones. They use less energy so they save you money.

For the power company they might be these things:
* Appliances
* Washer and Dryers
* Tankless water heaters
* Furnaces
* Air conditioners updating a swamp cooler or the central air.
* Adding solar energy to the home
* Refrigerator recycling program

For the gas company they might be these things:
* Updating the windows to energy star windows
* Weatherization updating
* Adding insulation to walls and attic

It can also be from them both, or just one of the companies. Some times you can get tax breaks as well for these things. Every state is different. So check them out First, before you buy thinking that you were going to get some rebates back from them.

You could also get them if you have a business and you are updating these things at the office as well. Builders can get rebates if they build "energy star new homes," they have to meet all the
things that are asked for in these homes. They are independently certified. If you buy one of these homes, you will have great energy savings. For places like townhome or condoes that are multi family dwellings can also get these rebates. Landlord also. They can be great savings if they are all added up. These things help keep money in your pocket.

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