Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Protecting Your Home With These 6 Easy Steps

It is not that hard to help your home be as safe as possible. These are 6 things that are easy to do and do not take much time. Some may have a cost, some do not.

1. If you have just moved into your home, change the locks. You want to know for sure how has the keys to your home. That is an easy way to make sure that you are the only ones that have those keys. Make sure that the doors are locked when you are away. If you have a garage make sure that the door to that is also closed. Do you lock the doors even when you are at home? Is someone just going to walk in on you that you do not want to be their.

2. Install the motion lights. They turn on with movement. ( Bad people like the dark. ) Let the lights shine on.

3. Put in carbon monoxide detectors. This is something that you can not smell or taste. It can kill you if you do not know it is present.

4. Put in fire and smoke detectors. In the kitchen and by the bedrooms. If they are by the bedrooms then even if you are asleep you will hear them.

5. Put locks on all the windows and sliding glass doors. Make sure that they are all the same. If is easy to remember how they work that way. You can get them from any lock smith store. Since 2 out of 3 break-ins occur though glass windows and doors. It is best if you add a little extra protection on them. Strengthen your existing windows with security films/ laminates. Once the clear or tinted film/ laminate is installed on your glass, it bonds and transforms your window into an invisible shield.

6. Make sure that the trees and shrubs that are by the windows and doors are trimmed so that they do nothide a burglar from being seen by you or others. This keeps you safe when you are walking up to the doors, someone might be hiding their to do you harm and shrubs or trees are hiding them.

The biggest enemy to home security is thinking that "It won't happen to me." Protect yourself and your family. Think about it ahead of time. Look and see what needs to be changed now to keep it from happening to you.

We would like to have your comments. If you have more things to help others.

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