Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tips For Setting Up The Projector For Your Home Cinema!

In order to capture the greatest cinema experience, you
should give some thought as to where you shall place the

There are basically three ways that you can set up your
projector. They are: table top, ceiling mounted or wall

Make sure that when you buy your projector that it is able
to be mounted as you want.

Table top - Does the projector match the decor? Is the
noise that the projector makes low enough? Do you think
that the projector will be suitable for the screen size?

Ceiling mount - You must first make sure the mount fits the
type of ceiling you have - vaulted or flat. Is it fairly
easy to install the cables and the power that is required?

Do you need to have a mount with a quick release? Are you
able to move the mount in various positions? Mounts will
vary in drop height from the base. This may give you some
idea as to how low from the ceiling your projector must be.

Wall mount - This can be similar to a ceiling mount or you
can have a special AV rack.

These are some things to consider when you are wall

- Can the mount support the projector’s weight?

- Is it able to be adjusted for sideways and height

- Will the mount fit in with the decor of the room?

- Will the location you have chosen for the projector
produce the desired screen size?

When building your home cinema, positioning the projector
is critical in order to you to have a wonderful experience.

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

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