Monday, October 26, 2009

Gardening Indoors And Outdoors In A Small Space!

Sometimes you may not have access to a wide open field to
plant a garden in but you still want to enjoy gardening and
eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

Growing a garden inside can allow you to produce fresh
fruits and vegetables any time of year because you can
control the climate that the plants need to grow.

This is the AeroGrow, there are others that you can choose
from. It comes with a grow light. It is good for an indoor
herb garden. If you have more than one you can grow
many different kinds of plants, vegetables or flowers.

There are several different ways to grow fresh fruits,
vegetables, and herbs inside.

You may want to use pots to grow your garden, a flower bed
outside of your window or your front porch or you may be
able to find a mini greenhouse that you can set up on your
front porch or in your front room that faces the sun so
that your plants will grow in a warm and well lit

Grow boxes are a great way to use a small space to grow things.

Container gardening also works very well.

This is an outdoor greenhouse. This can work inside or out.
If it is used inside the house you will need to put it where it
gets a lot of light or use grow lights.

To grow your garden in a box is simple. Go to the store and
find a square box, a round galvanized tub or anything like
that where you can place soil in with a little depth.
Gather all your seeds and planting supplies in order to
grow your garden.

Because of the limited space you will not be able to grow a
complete row of vegetables but you will be able to put
fresh vegetables on your table occasionally.

You may want to dehydrate your vegetables as they grow so
that you can preserve them and eat them later when you have
a craving for something from the garden.

Even if you cannot grow a big garden there are other ways
to get what you want from a garden without paying a lot of
money for it.

Sometimes it is good to have things grow Up like in the video
above. Sometimes using shelves like in the mini greenhouse.
Containers also work very well. Use the space that you have
to your best use. Mix flowers in with the vegetables and what
a beautiful site that is.

Use some thought and you can have a wonderful garden indoor
or outdoors, even in a small space.

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

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