Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why Is Solar Energy Not More Widely Used Yet?

Part 2

Solar panels are considered expensive. Although a home increases its value by folds when solar powered, the cost still could be prohibitive to most that unless the non silicon flexible solar panels that are now being developed are released for market consumption, powering homes through solar energy could still be very limited.

Other forms of rewards to avoid fossil fuel use should still be effectively placed. The 30% tax cut cut to projected cost previously awarded will be more attractive if other federal credits are included to encourage further investments.

However, effective solar energy transmission to homes will remain to be very hard unless these obstacles are breached. Assuming that these obstacles are solved today, it will still take some 10 years to convert 20 % of American homes into solar energy users. Meanwhile, solar panels on individual homes remain to be the most viable alternative.

The good part to solar energy quest is that technology is advancing very rapidly. Nano technology for solar power is being developed and may be available in five years time. Other breakthroughs in cell designs are also being developed that could, in the next few years. be a cost-effective way of generating energy without having to rely anymore on fossil and nuclear power.

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