Sunday, May 17, 2009

Why Is Solar Energy Not More Widely Used Yet?

The fact is, that 350,000,000 terawatts of power available from the sun is so huge that an exposure to full sun in only 15 minutes will be enough to generate the world's energy requirement.

Compare that with energy that is generated by nuclear and fossil fuel. Presently, the available data for fossil and nuclear fuel is 10,800,000 terawatts which we all know to be non renewable.

The harnessing of the sun's rays is clean and safe. It produces no emissions and it is practical and may in the years ahead, prove very economical. In the United States, only 0.1% of power that is generated is solar energy driven. So what are the obstacles?

Another obstacle is that the power grid in the U.S. which was designed more than 100 years ago is now so congested in many regions. To deliver the solar power to consumers, scientists and engineers will have to come out with another cost efficient plan to transfer huge amounts of energy from one location to another.

According to the Wall Street Journal ( in an article that was released in its August 2008 issue), there are groups, backed by political groups that are lobbying against the putting up of transmission lines for solar power. The construction of distribution lines for solar energy is also being blocked by environmental activists that restrict the delivering of solar energy to those who want it is their homes.

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twin2trip said...

If we could only perfect the use and harness all of the solar energy the sun has to offer. Someday soon. Do you currently use any solar energy?

Thanks for your comments!


Deanna said...

Christina, it really would be nice to use solar energy more than we do now. We do not at this time but plan on doing it in the future. Thank you for your comments.
Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"