Friday, May 29, 2009

Planing Your Garden If You Love To Watch The Birds?

What do you need in your yard to bring the birds to your yard so that you can easily watch them from the comfort of your home? These are the needs that you need to meet for the birds so that they enjoy coming to your yard to play. You will need: food, water, cover, and safe nesting sites.

You can plant in your garden individual plants that will draw in a specific type of bird. or if you would rather watch a large number of all kinds of birds you can choose different kinds of plants to draw them in.

If you meet the birds necessities they will come. They need:
Food: Provide them with trees, berried shrubs, and plenty of feeding stations.
Water: A birdbath that you can keep full, a small bird pool, ponds, and streams or other moving water.
Cover: Shrubs, vines, and trees to protect your friends from marauders.
Safe nesting sites: Good cover, trees or bird houses.

Places that you can contact to get help on what kinds of things to plant that will draw in the birds, contact:

* The Audubon Society
* What to have in your yard from the Audubon society
* A local nursery
* The National Wildlife Federation, Certified wildlife habitat

Have fun creating the garden that attracts birds into your yard that you can watch and enjoy.

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