Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Home Gym-It Is Nice To Have Privacy!

If looking at long-term, serious fitness, a home gym needs
its own space. Apart from the privacy aspect, a
user-defined room is more likely to get used regularly.

One thing is for sure in this world and that is; nobody
wants to come visit or call until a non-interruptible
activity is started.

In fact, one might assume folk have forgotten where we
live, until we start exercising in the corner of our lounge
room. Then we just wish they would forget.

But apart from that, having your home gym separated means a
space can be created to suit you. Plus the much needed
time-out, you-time is achievable. Enjoying exercise time
means you’ll keep up with the routine.

A series of exercise stations can be positioned and mirrors
set on the walls for technique spotting. There will be
plenty of room for a multi-station home gym and other

Also adequate area to stretch is very important. Charts,
technique pictures, and exercise reminders go on the walls
to help.

But more than anything, it is your space, your time, all
about you. Away from the pressures of the rest of the
house, interruptions, and embarrassment, you and your home
gym can be as one.

Having a unique space shows this is as important as any
other aspect of life. And well it should be, because with
proper use you and your home gym will live a long, healthy
life together.

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

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