Monday, November 30, 2009

Home Gym-From Begginer To Expert What Do You Need In A Home Gym?

If a beginner or light user wanting to improve general
fitness, flexibility, manage weight and increase muscle

- Aerobic machine (step, elliptical, treadmill, bike)

- Dumbbells-lighter for overhead lifts and side lifts,
Heavier for lunges and squats

- Adjustable bench

- Fitness ball

- Exercise mat

- Enough space for stretches

Multi-gyms are also popular in home gyms for beginners. A
price to suit all levels and an instructional book are good
incentives. Plus being compact less space may be required.
Most likely price range: Under $500-$1000

Intermediate trainers are usually moving into more serious
strength building, focusing on muscle development.

- Dumbbells- full set

- Barbells and plates

- Strong exercise bench with a barbell rack

- More advanced multi-gym-or cheaper option used along with
free weights above Most likely price range: $1500-$2500

Advanced trainers are taking on the serious body building.
This is often combined with public gym sessions as well.

- Large and complex multi-gym

- Advanced free weights and bench Usually $3000 upwards

Consider the space you have carefully. Some machines are
designed for corners, and some have large extension ranges.
Don’t buy sight unseen.

Be sure to get all possible measurements, including any
possible attachments. If you have more than one person
wanting to exercise at the same time, a multi-station means
more than one person can work out at once.

Watch how you transport equipment like dumbbells, bar
plates, and free weights. They are heavy and will do

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