Friday, December 19, 2008


This is not the place to cut corners on. This could save you a lot of money and headaces in the future. There have been enough movies like "the money pit". We all laughed and thought I am glad that is not me. Everything in the house has problems, it takes longer then they said it would. It costs a lot more than you ever thought it would. Would you want to know ahead of time that this is the case, so that you could avoid this. That is one good reason to get a good inspector.

If you have someone that knows what they are looking for and know what they are doing. ( Ask how long they have been doing home inspections, if it is there first house. They may not be the one to go with.) They can identify problems areas. Then you can decide what you want to do. If it is a really big problem or something that will be easy to fix.

If the inspector finds problems, there are three ways to deal with it:
* ask the seller to fix it.
* get estimates on the cost to fix it and ask the seller to reduce the price that much so you can fix it yourself.
* get out of the deal all the way and look for an other place to buy, if it is a really big problem that the inspector finds.

These are a few of the things that an inspector should look at:
* The condition of the electrical wiring in the house.
* The pluming.
* Check for signs of water in the basement or other places that it should not be in.
* Check the foundation.
* The condition of the roof, vent pipes and anything else that is on the roof.
* That everything is up to code.
These are but a few of the things the inspector should check. Just remember it will take some time to check all of these things ( an hour or more).

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