Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Both of these things are things that sometimes get forgotten. But they should be at the top of the list of things to plan for.

1. Replacing the electrical wiring. If wiring is old it could start a fire, for safety it is best to replace it. So if you are renovating - plan it in up front for updating the wiring. If you are doing a kitchen and you do not update the wiring - with the big fridge, the dishwasher, other smaller appliances, can the old wiring handle it all or will you keep blowing the breakers all the time? It gets very frustrating when it happens all the time. Do you have enough outlets and in the places that you need them to be in that will work best for you?

2. Lighting is next on the list. The electrician will need to know for putting in the wiring for the lighting. There are three kinds of lighting for the room:
A. Main lighting
B. Task lighting
C. Ambiance lighting

If the lighting is not what it should be, it is like being in a cave. It is not very inviting to be in that room. Sometimes it even affects how you can function in the room.

Both of these things it is best to have an electrician do for you. They know what code for your area are and the best way to do things. This makes your home safer as well. Make sure that the cost is in the budget for the electrician. The placement of wiring and lighting is easier done without sheetrock up. So if you are renovating and the walls are down to the studs, this is the best time for doing both the wiring and lighting. It is best to get them worked out ahead of time so you do not delay the construction or have to redo it later after the other work is all done.

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