Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Decorating -Studio Apartments And Other Small Spaces!

When you live in a very small area like a studio
apartment it might seem impossible to decorate and
make livable.

You might have issues with where you are going to put
all of your stuff and you also might want the look and
feel of different rooms although you are living in one
big room. You can achieve these things with a few
simple things.

First, when you live in a studio that is one big room
for everything you don’t want the place to look the
same throughout.

The use of area rugs can help to define one area from
another. They come in different shapes, sizes and colors.

The use of bookcases that are open can section off parts of the
room without it feeling closed off.

( curved bookcases can add interest to the room and act like
a divider.)

You want the feeling of being in different rooms and
you want to decorate each of them differently. You can
separate rooms by using dividers.

You can find hand carved and decorated dividers that
look fantastic in your home. Dividers perfectly
separate the rooms the way you want them.

Some people like to use hanging beads or fabric to
create a wall to separate the rooms by creating a
wall. This can look good also and give you the look of
having different rooms in the area although it really
is one big room.

(If you do not want to see the book the drapes can be closed.)

When you are in a studio apartment it is best for the
place to look nice because you are in such a small
space and you need to hide your things. Find pieces of
furniture that can be used as storage as well as seating.

(This storage bench does three things. A place to hang coats,
a place to sit and a place to store things.)

Things like a Murphy bed can give you more room during the day
and a place to sleep at night. Added storage as well.

You can find containers that are decorated that allow
you to hide your clothes and things in style so the
place looks nice and not in disarray.

Many people prefer the designer wicker containers
because they are stack able providing for more space
and they are reasonably priced.

Do not forget to use your wall space by adding shelves.

Be creative when it comes to small spaces to best use the
room that you have. Scale the furniture to the size that
you have. A table that folds down when not needed for eating
save you space.

Make things that you bring in useful and beautiful. Have them do
more than one job. Like a sofa bed for when you have guest. Use
every space that that you have to the fullest. Storage is a big issue
in a small space. Find pieces of furniture that can be used for storage
and something else.

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

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