Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Decorate On A Budget - Add Style To Any Room!

There are many ways you can decorate your home when
you are on a budget. You don’t have to have a lot of
money to make your home look nice and stylish.

Many of the things you can do is shop second hand, use
family members, finding less than perfect items, and

If you are hoping to redecorate your home but you are
on a tight budget then don’t worry about hiring
someone to come in and help you. This is where your
family and friends can come in and assist.

Find photos of rooms that you like in magazines, see if
you can find things that are close to the styles that are
in that photo. Find them at second hand stores or scratch
and dent. Take your time the hunt is part of the fun, one
piece at a time. What great joy you will have when it is finished.

When you are at the stores see how the do accessories and
flowers that add to the room and do the same in your home.

You can even hold a party to help you with the efforts
of painting, laying tile, or anything else you have in
mind. Friends and family are always willing to come
and help with a decoration project and if you provide
the food and drinks then they usually will never say

When you are on a budget it is hard to find the best
and you have to be flexible. You can shop at second
hand stores and find really nice furniture, paintings,
rugs, and more.

( Deadwood South Dakota, what great finds you can find here.)

If you are willing to shop used it will surprise you
some of the neat items you can find at these places
that you can use that will make your home look
fabulous. You might also want to think about finding
less than perfect merchandise.

You can go to furniture stores and find defective
furniture that is still brand new for very low prices.
Some of the furniture might have a scratch that is
barely noticeable at an excellent price. Some of the
furniture you cannot even see the defect and it is
brand new.

When you are on a budget you have to think cheap. Use
your friends and family members to help you and find
low cost items that are not so perfect or second hand.

From the second hand store you might find a piece and use it
in a totally different way than it was used before. With a few
changes It can have new life and add life to your room.

Hide the office by having it be in something that closes when
you do not need it and opens when you do need it. Same with
the tv.

Think of things like refinishing the things that you already
have to give new life to them and give your room a new look.
Refinish wood pieces to make them look new.
Changing the paint color in your rooms can give it the zing that
it needs. Slip covers can add new life to the sofa or chair.
( Add new fabric to the seat of the chair and it looks new again.)

Changing the window treatment or light fixtures are something
that really change the look of a room.

Take classes to learn how to do your own tile work or carpentry
work. There are some things that should be left to the pro's
plumbing , electrical and the furnace are a few of these important
things that can cost more than money if not done right.

Do what you can to help yourself. You never know you might like
what you learned so much that you make a living at it or add to
your income with your new found skills.

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

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