Thursday, February 25, 2010

Create The Feeling Of Space For A Small Space!

If you live in a small apartment or home and you want
to create a feeling of a bigger room there are several
things you can do. Two of the biggest things you can
do is create focal points and take advantage of
reflecting. These two things will give you a bigger
look and feel of the smaller rooms.

Creating a focal point in a small room is key when you
don’t want people noticing how small the room really
is. When you have a specific focus point the room
might be more interesting and seem a little bit
( a fireplace and a mirror is using both of the elements to make
the room look bigger.)

(Adding the same elements into different areas of the room
ties it all together and gives interest to the room.)

You can do this by painting one wall in the room a
different or darker color giving your room an
uncluttered gallery effect by the use of a low hanging
light fixture and assembling artwork on the wall. This
has an opening effect on the room.

( The paint shows of the details in the walls of this bathroom
and the bling in the light fixture is something else that adds to
the room.)

When you use reflecting to make a room bigger, you
will use things in your home that reflect such as
mirrors, furniture, metallic pieces, and things that
have a shimmer.

When these items are strategically placed throughout
the home or the room they give a feeling of light and
more space. A mirror can be placed strategically in a
room to reflect the outdoors or even a window or a
doorway which makes the room appear much larger than
it is and it brings in more light.

If you are trying to take the focus from the small
size of a room and make it look bigger then you can
take advantage of the use of reflections and creating
focal points. Mastering these two techniques can make
your home look much bigger.

Get things that are to the scale of the room. It adds to
the charm of the room without making it feel cramped.
Sometimes less is more. A love seat, two chairs, an end
table, coffee table, area rug, mirror on the wall and some
art. What a nice setting that makes.

( Small but OH what style it has.)

Don't forget to find things that do double duty in the
furniture to add storage to the room and help with the
function of the room. Sometimes a small space needs to
do more than one thing. Like a guest room and an office
in the same room. By using a sofa bed or a Murphy's bed,
both things can be done in the same space.

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

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