Monday, March 9, 2009

Tips For The Best Looking Rose Garden Around

Getting the rose to bloom perfectly in one's garden is one of the few unadulterated joys one can experience in this complex world.

In order to maintain a rose garden and enjoy the beauty and fragrance of the rose, remember the following tips:

* Buy good plants, which are young and field grown organically, unwaxed.
* For best results when planting your roses follow these steps:
- Carefully select planting sites with good drainage, good soil and be sure that the roses have full sunlight for half a day. If possible shelter form the wind.
- Fill a bucket full of water and add 1 tablespoon of shampoo, 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt, 1 tablespoon of instant tea granules. Let the plants soak for an hour or so before planting.
- While plants are soaking, dig the holes for the plants 20 inches wide by 18 inches deep should do it to accommodate the roots of the plants without crowding them- and save the topsoil.
- Fill the hole one-third of the way with a small handful of superphosphate, a mix of good-quality peat moss, and the some of the top soil you saved. Build a mound in the bottom of the hole with this mixture.
- Place the rose roots on the mound so that the bud or graft union is at or slightly below normal ground level.
- Fill the hole two-thirds full with more of the soil / peat moss mixture, then water slowly to settle the soil around the roots and eliminate any air pockets.
- ( for fall planting only)Wash down the rose cane with a mild soapy water solution just before you cover them with a mound of soil for protection from severe weather. In areas where you get heavy freezes, cover your rose with soil and leaf mixture.
* You might need to water if not enough rainfall.
* Put one of two garlic cloves among your roses to keep aphids and other pests away.
* The best time to move roses are late fall, when they are dormant, when the leaves have dropped and scales have formed over the growth buds for next year. The other time would be early spring before the new growth starts on the plants. Move them with as much soil around them as possible. Dig and prepare the hole that you are to move the plants to before you dig up the plants. They do not get dried out that way, you can dig and move them right away to the new place for them.
* Do not let the flowers die on the vine, this attracts pests and diseases. Cut and share them with other and yourself inside.
* Always cut above the five-leaf cluster to encourage new growth.
* Remember, winter mulching is important. Use straw or some other material in order to protect the roses from low temperature.

Rose gardening is a hobby that has few matches. One of the greatest gifts that Nature has provided man with is a flower. The rose, especially has inspired poetry over generations and civilizations, the rose is a most coveted prize for a lover.

Remember the tips can help you maintain a rose garden and enjoy the beauty and fragrance of the roses.

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