Friday, January 9, 2009

Design The Perfect Room Every Time

This is a web site that helps a lot to design the perfect room every time. To help arrange the furniture in the room.

* It is free to use.
* You can build build your own room or choose from 5 prebuilt templates.
* View your room virtually and catch potential problems before you buy.
* Save, print, or email your designs to share with others.
* Design the perfect room and take the guess work out of the shopping for the furniture for that perfect room.
* Move things around in the room to find the best way to place the furniture. That is without hurting your back.
* Find the size of the furniture that fits best in the room. This means that the furniture will always be to the scale of the room without guess work.

Go to this web site:

How did you like moving the furniture without hurting your back?

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