Wednesday, November 19, 2008


When it is time to update a small bathroom. What is in good condition? What needs to be replaced? How much can you keep out of the land fill by reusing? Starting with the flooring - it is a small space, even if you are wanting to use more expensive tiles. It will not break the bank to make it look nice.

If all that is needed to up date the sink area is a new counter top and faucet, then replace only that. You could even get granite for such a small counter top. They might have remnants for a lot less money so do not forget to ask at the store. Re stain or paint the cabinet and add new hardware to the doors. and it looks like new.

Replacing dated lighting and the mirror can be spiced up by framing it like a picture. Use molding like for base board that is a nice touch.

If the tub looks bad leave it in place and use an insert to cover it up and make it look new. That keeps the tub out of the land fill and is less expensive. What does the tile look like? Is it in good condition but you do not like the color.There is special paint that works on tile paint it the color that you want. This again keeps it out of the land fill.

Now for the walls. Paint is always a good choice. Keep the color light in the small bathroom, it will feel bigger. Do not forget window treatment to set it all off.

I would like to know how it turns out. Please leave your comments.

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