Monday, January 16, 2012

Cleaning Up the yard in December of all times.

Now this is unexpected, to be able to clean up a yard in January. We should have snow, but we did not.

Nice looking house, we are here to make it look better. We are cleaning out the leaves in the flower garden, mowing the lawn-front and back, getting rid of the tall weeds that are in the back yard.
This is what the flower beds looked like before starting to rake them out.
What they look like after the leaves are raked out.
Before trimming the bushes back.
After the bushes are trimmed back.

The tool used to cut back these tall weeds. What a good job that it does.
Look at what we found under those weeds, a big pipe and some wood.
He is shy for the photos as he is mowing the front yard.

Now that looks so much better that all of that work is done. It is great to be without a coat in January to be mowing the lawn and other yard work.

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