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Earthquake preparedness and emergency plain

Earthquake preparedness and Emergency plan.

What you need to do before an earthquake?

* Have a plan.

Make an emergency plan that includes evacuation and reunion plans; your out-of-state contact person's name and number; the location of your emergency supplies and other pertinent information.

* What kinds of things might you need to have to take care of yourself for up to 72 hours.

Emergency food storage, water, shelter, sanitation, first aid, lighting, and communication. You will also need clothes, coats, blankets, a heat source, a way to do cooking, things to eat with (plate, cups ect.)

It is good to have this for the car, home, at school, at work.

You do not know when one will happen. Summer, winter, spring or fall. Day or night.

After which, stores will be closed! Running water and electricity will be unavailable! Gas lines could be broken, fire danger is high. Your home may be unsafe to occupy! You need to be self-sufficient. Put all the earthquake supplies you need in one complete earthquake kit.

*After an earthquake, there will likely be broken glass and dangerous items that you will have to deal with when evacuating your home or helping others evacuate. Collapsed structures could trap families in their homes. These are things that could help with search and rescue.

Have an emergency gas shut-off wrench, fire escape ladder ( for the 2nd floor), Swiss army style knife, vinyl rope, duct tape, work gloves- leather palmed (for digging though the debris), vinyl gloves, dust masks.

*As electricity may be out for several weeks after an earthquake, you will need emergency lights to navigate through the dark and safely get out of your home in order to travel to a safe location. These are things you will need.

AM/FM solar and hand crank radio with lantern light one that can also charge up your cell phone. With this one thing you have news of what is happening. Light for night time and a way to charge the cell phone so that you have communication with others. This does not need batteries ( batteries last 6 months.)

Candles and waterproof matches, fluorescent lantern. A camp fire would give light, heat and a way to cook all in one source.

*How do you keep from getting sick?

Sanitation and hygiene your family would need following a major earthquake. Remember, at that time, there will probably be a severe shortage of water. Remember, it is important to avoid spreading or being exposed to dangerous bacteria during a time of already great emergency.

Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer - Kills germs. Prevents the spread of infections and diseases.

Antimicrobial Wipes - hand and surface sanitizer.

Personal Hygiene Kits - toothbrushes/pastes, combs, bio-hazard bag, 12 wet-wipes, 4 razors, 4 tissue packs, 4 sanitary napkins, dippers. Complete set of comprehensive supplies. ( the sanitary napkins and dippers can also be used to cover wounds.)

Roll of Toilet Paper - Multi task sheets.

Shampoo & Body Wash - 8 oz. PH balanced no-rinse cleansing system spray bottle.

Spray Bottle Insect Repellent - With DEET.

Sunscreen Lotion Packets - SPF 30+ protects skin.

Survival Guide - Designed for All Emergencies and Locations.

Sanitation/Toilet Bags - For use with container as a portable toilet.

Package Toilet Chemicals - Maintain sanitary conditions by using with container, seat, and bags.

Package it in a waterproof container ( could be used for the toilet with the bag inside of it so it is easy to replace.

*Make sure you have a way to treat the water so it is safe to drink. Boiling the water will make it safe to drink.

*If you have pets, remember to have food and water for them as well.

To sum things up, the important things are :

Emergency food storage, water, shelter, sanitary conditions, a way to have heat, cook food, things to eat with, clothes, coats, things to help with search and rescue. It is also good to have a plan in place before anything happens so everyone knows what they are expected to do and where to meet.

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